Sunday, 31 July 2011

London Town


Hope you all had a great weekend, thought i'd share some snaps of the weekend (yes this is picture heavy!)

Friday: Me and the beastie met up early to grab a coffee and she sugguested we went to Swinky Sweets on park street. I had never been before and I have to say I was impressed, the shop is beautifully laid out and the staff are really friendly. Plus check out this cupcake! SO SO SO GOOD!

Headed to the Mega Bus full and happy! Mega bus from Bristol to London is about 2 and a half hours so we tucked in to magazines and sweeties to keep us entertained.

We arrived, navigated the tubes (I really hate the tube) and arrived at beasties dads flat. After a quick rest popped out for some dinner at a small Italian restaurant, which was really nice and then watched Guilvers Travels - which was better than expected!

On Saturday morning (after a terrible nights sleep where pretty much everyone was woken up at 4.30 am by a cockney sparra screaming "RICKKKAAAAAAY, I'LL KILL YOU RICKAAAYY", slightly amusing at the time, wasn't then) we went to Jamie Olivers Fifteen which was good but I think we were excepting way to much from it (was still really nice but I think I half expected Jamie Oliver to bring the food to me)

We then "Tubed" it to Camden to do a spot of retail therapy

Picked up a couple of pretties... *AHEM*

Lucky Cat bracelet - cute and very tacky £3

Pretty braided key charm bracelet, lovely but a bit dangly - may end us as a necklace. £4

I LOVE THIS! Teeny tiny little locket, hallmarked silver (it needs a polish!) I love tiny jewellery. £5 - maybe a bit steep but I love it.

Also visited Cyberdog, not my style at all but it is a fun shop, feels like being at a rave complete with podium dancers and decks.

Crazy cyberdog jewellery!

Then headed back in to central London towards Victoria, via the queens gaff.

Headed to Bbar for some dinner. Had a lovely Ravioli dish but the cream of the crop was the honeycomb ice cream, it was amazing!

After dinner we went to go see Wicked!

Which was PHENOMENAL, I suggest everyone goes and sees it instantly.

I liked it so much I even brought a £7 mug!

This morning we had a *cough* little breakfast

Then we popped quickly to London Flower Market. Its not flowers but it is floral! Pretty scalloped mixing bowl (?) on a still stall where a man was shouting "EVERYTHING ONE PANNNNNNNNNNND" a bargain, it needed a clean and I managed to get it back in one piece!

Wonderful weekend, I am shattered now and will spend the rest of the evening vegging out! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!

Just a few bits today :)

My friend kindly sold this to me this week, I have always had my eye on it! I love the print and nice and cosy for Autumn. Its real vintage from Uncle Sam's on Park Street in Bristol, it even has vintage smell!

Picked these up in the Accessorize sale, I wasn't sure about them because they are a bit bigger than my normal size earrings, but after several there great! comments and the fact that they were 70% off I decided to give them a go. £3.60

Also in other news I am off to London tomorrow, so I hope everyone has a great weekend <3

Fished out my Oyster card from London last time, now just have to pack!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Week In Photos & Mini Haul

Hello Ladies, hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

On Monday my mum graduated as a Doctor! Was a really lovely day, even if I was at the back of the back due to them only letting you have two tickets!

We finally have a bed! The boys dad brought us a memory foam mattress as a gift (It's so good, like a hug from a cloud), and we found the bed in the storage cupboard, after checking around with the other tenants it was determined it had been left by a previous tenant. It was missing the bolts but after a quick trip to What! (It's one of those stores that has everything you want and lots of things you don't) we got the ones we needed. Its sort of slapped together but it works!

Me and my bestie Ali booked a trip to London for next weekend which I'm really looking forward to, I'm not sure the last time I went on a girly weekend, if ever!

Badges and stickers from a gig last night, Clumsy are a Bristol band and as an extra bonus it was free!

Now for a mini haul! On Friday me and the bestie went for a spot of retail therapy and here is the results -

This little pretty is from BS8 on park street, it's a really beautiful shop full on independent sellers. This is from Alice's Secret Emporium, full of lots of little pieces of vintage jewellery and pretty home wears. The guy serving me was really lovely and apparently this ring was sourced from Canada. It was a special find because i have a horrible time finding rings that fit (I have sausage fingers!) £2.50

Also picked up this pretty painted wooden bangle, I'm not big on bracelets but I couldn't resist from £1

Also picked up a few essentials like tights.

Saturday we also popped to Matalan (both Ali and her mum were shocked I had never been!)

Picked up this sparkler! As I mentioned I have a horrid time finding rings that fit, but this actually fits my index finger! That is a first! And what a bargain at £1.50 in the sale

How cute are these little side plates! 75p each

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wednesday Wants!

Good evening ladies! Hope everyone is having a good, if wet, Wednesday!

Blue Spot Skirt Sleeveless Tunic from Topshop. I have been on the hunt for a perfect polka dot dress for a long time and this *could* be it! £26.00 (photo from

Hand Paint Enamel Cups from Vinager Hill, saw these in the window when I was walking past during the week. Pretty but pricey! £6.95 Each. (photo from

Anorak Horse Picnic Rug via Urban Outfitters. How cool would this be if the weather ever turns around! £36.00 - ouch! (Photo from

And finally a Wednesday (sort of) got!

Whilst doing the boring weekly food shop in Morrisons I spied these:

I have always wanted Emma Bridgewater mugs, but as they retails between £17.95 and £25.00 I have never been able to justify them. This is a Morrisons own cup, retails at £2 and I think its very pretty, maybe not as special but still!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Week In Photos

1. Massive strawberries! From Marks and Spencers when they were reduced to £1, usually £6.50 (?!?!)

2. Me and the boy have been playing Lego Shave a Sheep, good fun (until i get bored and stack them up)

3. Sorting out the flat a bit more, putting up bits and pieces and found a place for my new kettle to live!

4. Our new washing machine was delivered, that doesn't sound that exciting but since we moved in to the new flat the washing machine has been dying, smelt of damp and then finally gave up (this weekend the new one has well and truly been broken in)

5. Spent today watching Deathly Hallows part 1, going to see part 2 tomorrow during the day, hopefully won't be too busy... Wishful thinking

Hope every one has had a good week!

Friday, 15 July 2011

My Mum Went To Italy And All I Got Was This Lousy...

Good evening ladies!

My mum came back from Italy today! She's been there for 2 weeks and has come back incredibly tanned! Jealous!

Because I wasn't able to go she has been incredibly generous!

Aww, some Nutella and Nesquik, and some tiny star pasta (I will post it when I make something with it, I'm thinking Minestrone, not sure it would work as a full pasta dish)

Haha! This apparently is just sold in supermarkets in Italy, I know it's Heinz in the UK but still it looks like play food!

And finally, do you have an item, and item you want so much but you could never justify spending that sort of money on? An item that sits on your amazon wishlist so every time you log on you eye flicks to it, hoping that maybe some rich banker might see it and buy you it just for fun?

Well, after giving me the bits of food, she wandered off and said "and something I know you will really like" She handed me over a massive bag and I put my hand in and pull out what felt like a wrapped up triangle.

As i pulled off the tissue paper I suddenly realised what it was and tore that paper off faster than a kid at Christmas

OH. MY. GOD. An Alessi Michel Graves whistling bird hob kettle!!!!

It turns out where they were staying in Italy was right by the Alessi Factory Outlet store, being an Alessi fan herself she went to check it out. As well as it being really cheap anyway, my kettle was also on a special summer offer for £40 Euros, it retails here from around £90. It is probably my new most favourite thing in the whole world.

It's so pretty!!!!!!! I have now deleted it from my Amazon wishlist (it was a satisfying moment), she has brought back a huge amount of Alessi stuff, fruit bowl, sugar bowl, a sauce pan, and a necklace. She really is a bargain hunter, I learnt from the best!

How about you, lusting after something?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday Wants!

Thought I would share with you a few bits I have been lusting over this week!


This Yellow Buttercup Midi Dress from Topshop , at £50 it for sure will be a lust *please be in the sale next season* (image from


Spot washed messenger bag from Cath Kidston, I do already have the candy flowers messenger bag but these bags are so durable and the perfect larger size, just big enough for all the bits and pieces I
need to carry around, not so big it's an inconvenience. £40 (photo from


Orelia Flower Bead Bracelet via , Oh so so pretty and I love the whole Orelia range and I do already own a few pieces from it. £15 (photo via

This pretty Red Apples Table Cloth from Dot Com Gift Shop, as I have mention we have been trying to get together a few bits of furniture, we have managed to get a dining table, and it needs a pretty table cloth and this would be perfect £24.95 (photo from

Anything your lusting over this week?