Sunday, 10 July 2011


Hello!! How are you?! I can't believe it has been 10 months since i last did a post!!! I finally have Internet again!!

Me and the boy have moved! I have relocated from Manchester back to Bristol, I am a Bristol girl and Manchester was not the right fit for me, mostly due to the fact that most of my friends live in Bristol!!

I thought I would share a few photos from the last 10 months!


Christmas 2010 was wonderful, magical and amazing! We spent it with the boys family in a little snow covered village, straight out of a picture book Christmas (apart from I had flu!)

Kyle got me the most perfect Christmas present ever, a Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal charcoal grey messenger bag, I literally squealed when i opened it (he had put it a posting box, I thought it might be a new kettle!) Don't i look beautifully pale and sick looking haha.

Oh Nom NOM!

January came and after the expense of Christmas (for example we both have 4 parents, 6 siblings between us etc) the sales were pretty much missed, but nothing like ignoring your new years resolution to pull you out of the post Christmas blues

Oh Krispy Kremes, you have much explaining to do to my waist line!


February brings Valentines day, I personally have a love hate relationship with Valentines day, In my head it's a hallmark holiday for card companies and restaurants to sell us over priced nonsense, but in my slightly softer heart its kind of nice to have a day to celebrate love, as i am so conflicted over we stayed in and made food, exchanged small gifts and cards, it was lovely :)

Stamped toast!

Fred and Friends robot cupcake moulds

Haha! It's true..


We went to London for a holiday, i know it's not the most exotic destination ever, but we had already started to think about moving and money needed to be saved, so we found a deal for 3 nights in central London, cheap train tickets and some spending money, off we went!

Visted Portobello Market on Saturday, as i don't live in London, CHRIST HOW BUSY?! But still it was lovely, even managed to get a red velvet cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery, Scoffed it before i managed to get a snap!

Among other bits and pieces, picked up these babies from a tiny little stall for £3, I think they are deffo real... haha!

On the Sunday we visited London Zoo, even though my feet were battered from a whole day of walking up and down Portobello Market, and then up and down again I had a wonderful time!

He / She was so close!

Monday morning we went to Convent Garden, which was very nice but slightly expensive for my budget, but there was one stall, right at the other end of the market bit, just as i was turning to leave empty handed, with 4 tables and a sign that read "Any Item £5", being the nosy sort I headed straight over, and it did not disappoint. Rows and rows of necklaces, earrings and pendants, beautiful vintage pieces, great quality! It took me almost and hour to pick 2 pieces, the boy actually went to the Costa across the way, had a coffee and came back!

I picked the green horsey necklace, still probably my favourite piece of jewellery to date, a rose quartz pendant (The daisy necklace was purchased from Topshop on Oxford Road later that day)

After Convent Garden we got some lunch at TGI's and made our way to Oxford Road, visiting Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Hamleys. On our way back to the Hotel we saw a cart jam packed with Royal Wedding Merch, and when in Rome....

How amazingly tacky! We got matching!!


Only two real events, one was the royal wedding (said lighters were used!) and i celebrated in true British style:

Drinking, drinking and more drinking of Pimms!

The other was handing in my notice at my last job! We had set the date to move, found a place and I finally got to leave my job. It's not that I "hated" it, but it was just not right for me.



We managed to move every thing we own ( bar a few bits that had to be left behind) in a car which saved us a bundle! The new flat is bigger which is amazing. The only problem is that we have gone from a furnished to a non furnished place, which isn't ideal but it had to be done!

This is part of my front room ( THOSE net curtains have nice come down ) , The sofa was left by the last tenant which is odd because it is brand new, I'm not complaining though! I love the bay windows!


June was a whirlwind of trying to sort out the flat, catching up with absolutely every single person I know, days out in the sun and generally readjusting to life in Bristol. It's a different pace and I adore it!

Me and my mum went to try a Garra fish pedicure, I am slightly fish-phobic (not sure what the correct term is) and tried putting my hand in and utterly freaked out, so opted for a manicure instead!


This month has also been pretty wonderful, catching up with old friends, most notiably at St Pauls Carnival. My bestest friend Ali and her boyo were down from Birmingham, being the unlucky type i was pretty sick but still managed to have a good time!

Face painting and matching flower head bands (I love her lion face paint the best!)

This month apart from St Pauls I have been getting back in to charity shopping, I fell out of love with this in Manchester, the two in the city centre were horrifically over priced and full of tat. The ones in my local area are beautifully stocked and reasonably priced (massive haul post coming as soon as I have edited the pictures!)

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday, I am spending the day catching up with every ones blogs and watching The Simpsons (we also had Virgin TV installed!)


  1. Welcome back! Hurrah for Bristol! Your local to me now :)

  2. That's amazing! Bristol ladies are the best! xx


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