Sunday, 31 July 2011

London Town


Hope you all had a great weekend, thought i'd share some snaps of the weekend (yes this is picture heavy!)

Friday: Me and the beastie met up early to grab a coffee and she sugguested we went to Swinky Sweets on park street. I had never been before and I have to say I was impressed, the shop is beautifully laid out and the staff are really friendly. Plus check out this cupcake! SO SO SO GOOD!

Headed to the Mega Bus full and happy! Mega bus from Bristol to London is about 2 and a half hours so we tucked in to magazines and sweeties to keep us entertained.

We arrived, navigated the tubes (I really hate the tube) and arrived at beasties dads flat. After a quick rest popped out for some dinner at a small Italian restaurant, which was really nice and then watched Guilvers Travels - which was better than expected!

On Saturday morning (after a terrible nights sleep where pretty much everyone was woken up at 4.30 am by a cockney sparra screaming "RICKKKAAAAAAY, I'LL KILL YOU RICKAAAYY", slightly amusing at the time, wasn't then) we went to Jamie Olivers Fifteen which was good but I think we were excepting way to much from it (was still really nice but I think I half expected Jamie Oliver to bring the food to me)

We then "Tubed" it to Camden to do a spot of retail therapy

Picked up a couple of pretties... *AHEM*

Lucky Cat bracelet - cute and very tacky £3

Pretty braided key charm bracelet, lovely but a bit dangly - may end us as a necklace. £4

I LOVE THIS! Teeny tiny little locket, hallmarked silver (it needs a polish!) I love tiny jewellery. £5 - maybe a bit steep but I love it.

Also visited Cyberdog, not my style at all but it is a fun shop, feels like being at a rave complete with podium dancers and decks.

Crazy cyberdog jewellery!

Then headed back in to central London towards Victoria, via the queens gaff.

Headed to Bbar for some dinner. Had a lovely Ravioli dish but the cream of the crop was the honeycomb ice cream, it was amazing!

After dinner we went to go see Wicked!

Which was PHENOMENAL, I suggest everyone goes and sees it instantly.

I liked it so much I even brought a £7 mug!

This morning we had a *cough* little breakfast

Then we popped quickly to London Flower Market. Its not flowers but it is floral! Pretty scalloped mixing bowl (?) on a still stall where a man was shouting "EVERYTHING ONE PANNNNNNNNNNND" a bargain, it needed a clean and I managed to get it back in one piece!

Wonderful weekend, I am shattered now and will spend the rest of the evening vegging out! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. That bowl came out really nice! Glad you enjoyed the weekend :)


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