Friday, 15 July 2011

My Mum Went To Italy And All I Got Was This Lousy...

Good evening ladies!

My mum came back from Italy today! She's been there for 2 weeks and has come back incredibly tanned! Jealous!

Because I wasn't able to go she has been incredibly generous!

Aww, some Nutella and Nesquik, and some tiny star pasta (I will post it when I make something with it, I'm thinking Minestrone, not sure it would work as a full pasta dish)

Haha! This apparently is just sold in supermarkets in Italy, I know it's Heinz in the UK but still it looks like play food!

And finally, do you have an item, and item you want so much but you could never justify spending that sort of money on? An item that sits on your amazon wishlist so every time you log on you eye flicks to it, hoping that maybe some rich banker might see it and buy you it just for fun?

Well, after giving me the bits of food, she wandered off and said "and something I know you will really like" She handed me over a massive bag and I put my hand in and pull out what felt like a wrapped up triangle.

As i pulled off the tissue paper I suddenly realised what it was and tore that paper off faster than a kid at Christmas

OH. MY. GOD. An Alessi Michel Graves whistling bird hob kettle!!!!

It turns out where they were staying in Italy was right by the Alessi Factory Outlet store, being an Alessi fan herself she went to check it out. As well as it being really cheap anyway, my kettle was also on a special summer offer for £40 Euros, it retails here from around £90. It is probably my new most favourite thing in the whole world.

It's so pretty!!!!!!! I have now deleted it from my Amazon wishlist (it was a satisfying moment), she has brought back a huge amount of Alessi stuff, fruit bowl, sugar bowl, a sauce pan, and a necklace. She really is a bargain hunter, I learnt from the best!

How about you, lusting after something?


  1. omg I am SO envious of the...KETCHUP!

  2. Haha, it's pretty good I have to say


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