Sunday, 24 July 2011

Week In Photos & Mini Haul

Hello Ladies, hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

On Monday my mum graduated as a Doctor! Was a really lovely day, even if I was at the back of the back due to them only letting you have two tickets!

We finally have a bed! The boys dad brought us a memory foam mattress as a gift (It's so good, like a hug from a cloud), and we found the bed in the storage cupboard, after checking around with the other tenants it was determined it had been left by a previous tenant. It was missing the bolts but after a quick trip to What! (It's one of those stores that has everything you want and lots of things you don't) we got the ones we needed. Its sort of slapped together but it works!

Me and my bestie Ali booked a trip to London for next weekend which I'm really looking forward to, I'm not sure the last time I went on a girly weekend, if ever!

Badges and stickers from a gig last night, Clumsy are a Bristol band and as an extra bonus it was free!

Now for a mini haul! On Friday me and the bestie went for a spot of retail therapy and here is the results -

This little pretty is from BS8 on park street, it's a really beautiful shop full on independent sellers. This is from Alice's Secret Emporium, full of lots of little pieces of vintage jewellery and pretty home wears. The guy serving me was really lovely and apparently this ring was sourced from Canada. It was a special find because i have a horrible time finding rings that fit (I have sausage fingers!) £2.50

Also picked up this pretty painted wooden bangle, I'm not big on bracelets but I couldn't resist from £1

Also picked up a few essentials like tights.

Saturday we also popped to Matalan (both Ali and her mum were shocked I had never been!)

Picked up this sparkler! As I mentioned I have a horrid time finding rings that fit, but this actually fits my index finger! That is a first! And what a bargain at £1.50 in the sale

How cute are these little side plates! 75p each

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday!

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  1. Those plates are adorable! BS8 is such a treasure trove for jewellery, I haven't been for a while. Boo.


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