Thursday, 25 August 2011

Benefit Brow Bar Review & Instagram Photos

Good evening ladies, hope you are all well! Tonight I thought I would share a couple of Instagram photo's from the last couple of days & a review of the Benefit Brow Bar.

Yesterday me & Ali went to have our eyebrows done at the Benefit Brow Bar. As a bit of a background to this I have never had my eyebrows waxed or threaded and I have never been brave enough to try and shape them myself so I had fairly thick eyebrows with no shape whatsoever.

So we popped down to the Bristol Broadmead branch of Debenhams which is home to a large Benefit counter and Brow Bar. After a browse of the menu we decided to go for the Benefit Brow Arch. Whilst we were waiting for the assistant to finish up with another client I decided to go first in case I wussed out if it looked like it hurt.

The assistant sat me down and asked if I had this done before or not and how much I wanted. I asked her to keep it quiet natural as I didn't want anything to "over the top", she mapped out in the mirror where she would take them too and began. After being slightly fooled that it didn't really hurt very much she did the underneath part and that hurt like hell for a second then it faded. I do think the best thing about waxing is that it is very quick!

After she finished the eyebrow waxing she also picked out the strays with Benefit Tweezerman tweezers and then rubbed some lovely cooling lotion on to the skin. Once that had dried she added a lot (and I mean a lot) of brow powder to "fill it in" and when she was done I was slightly surprised. In all honesty she used a very dark brow powder and I have light brown eyebrow and I was fairly shocked. It was a fairly full on look which I am not use to! Although I liked the shape I couldn't help feeling slightly "drag queen-y". This resulted in my washing it off in the toilets in M&S after changing up money for the upcoming trip to New York (1 week away today) and here is the the result without the blooming brow powder.

(Sorry for the posey photo haha!)

I am overall very pleased with the shape and I don't think the price (£11.50) is too bad. Also if you do go make sure that you get a Brow Bar Loyalty Card, get 7 stamps and the 8th is free! I personally will be going back!

As we were walking out of Debenhams a young lady handed us a coupon for a free Smashbox make over. After a coffee and a quick wander through town where I purchased this ring

Reduced to £2 in Dorothy Perkins we headed back to Smash Box to get our free make overs. The young girl that was doing our make overs was very lovely and made me personally feel very relaxed. Which sounds a little weird but I had almost hit my limit of strangers touching my face for the day. Although it was a good make over and she was extremely friendly my only complaint was it felt like she really "caked" the foundation on, which made my face feel fairly uncomfortable as I rarely wear foundation and when I do I wear the smallest amount. I was impressed by Smashbox's range of Primers but I thought they were a little pricey at £29 for 500ml and she was fairly optimistic in saying that it would last about 9 months, if any one has any recommendations that would be wonderful!

After the make over we went to Bella Pizza for dinner, which is a £5.99 buffet resturant. Although the pizza and pasta was fairly average quality the salad bar was incredibly fresh and I probably ate there entire nights worth of cucumber.

After dinner we headed to a friends 21st birthday do at Gold Brick House on Park Street. Check out her amazing classic Chanel Bag cake that her mum made her!

It was a wonderful day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and has made some lovely bank holiday weekend plans!

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