Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My Week In Instagram's

Evening ladies!

Thought I would share some Instagram's from this week so far (@jetley if you fancy following me)

1. Eating all the things I shouldn't this week. My doughnut from a little bakery.

2. "Smart Drip" coffee from Bubalu on the Gloucester road. I was very impressed by how nice it made the coffee, wouldn't mind getting one for home if anyone knows where to get one from?

3. The pigeon seagull! That's clear cross breading if ever I saw it!

4. Fun "junk shop" at the top of Gloucester road. Purchased an antique driving map from 1935 which I am going to frame - Will post about it as soon as I sort a frame!

5.American style thick shake from Rocotillos in the clifton triangle - the food is lovely if a little pricey, £4ish a shake, mains from around £6.50 which are pretty small. Lovely vintage feel diner but the service was pretty bad, left us sitting there before taking our order, after the mains were finished, and then when we asked to pay they didn't bring the bill to us so after some time we just went to the counter and paid!

6. Bristol Gorilla inside St Nicholas Market. If your not from Bristol individually painted Gorillas are all over Bristol celebrating 175 years of Bristol Zoo.

7. Me & a fluffy Justin Bieber frame. Excuse me while I go vom.

8. Today me and a group of friends were in town. The atmosphere from around 4pm onwards was horrifically tense. We popped in to Topshop as I wanted to look at some shoes and they were dragging stock to the back of the shop and shop assistants looked worried. This is a picture as I was waiting for the bus. There were police EVERYWHERE. What is happening around the country is almost unbelievable & I hope that you are all safe and stay safe.

Hope you are all having a good week and that none of you are anywhere near the violence!

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  1. those smart drips are amazing! there's a coffee place in Clevedon that uses them too! I want to know where to buy them from!


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