Friday, 12 August 2011

New York Packing Part 1

Hello Ladies, hope you are having good Friday nights.

To document my up coming trip to New York I thought I would share my planning & packing to show you guys how I like to do it!

On Wednesday me and the bestie went to pick up a few bits from Superdrug we think that we will need.

To elborate we are staying in a hotel with a private bathroom so there is no worry about hostel sharing a bathroom so we have brought items with slight luxury in mind.

1. New York City Moleskine - More on that in a moment
2.Ibuprofen - for aches and pains from walking. 35p
3. Cuticura Hand Hygiene Gel - for keeping hands clean on the go as I have heard that New York is a pretty dirty city. 89p
4.Travel size Dentyl Active mouthwash. Good size for a week and I love it! £1.00
5.Garnier Mineral deodorant. For running around New York and apparently it's fairly hot so went with one with 48h protection (although it never lasts that long but the more hours the better) £1 - half price offer
6. Superdrug travel ear plugs, in case of screaming babies! £1.09

These were not brought on Wednesday but along a similar theme. Travel sized reusable bottles - oh these are beyond useful! They were £1 from Primark earlier this year but they are still stocked, for you £1 you get these three and three small tubs with stickers. Great size and I have used them a few times. Full of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly shampoo and conditioner and Dove Pomegranate Body Wash. They are great for saving space in your suitcase for really important things like extra shoes etc.

Now on to the for mentioned New York City Moleskine. After a quick search around on Amazon for New York Guide books I settled on this. Why? Well many reasons, I wanted something that has maps and somewhere to write bits of info down. And that was about it, and it has both these things. We already know what we want to go, I am a pretty good judge of restaurants and coffee shops so it seemed pointless to carry round a heavy guide book.

Costs around £12 on the Moleskine website but being a bargain hunter I picked it up on eBay for £3.99 unused (with a small dent in the spine). Pretty good I feel.

In my war against ugly luggage tonight I pulled out my "holiday" suitcase. Yes it is huge. All the better to bring things back in! I picked this up at the Range in 2009 for around £25, not bad considering I can get inside it!

I also managed to find a bit of change from the last time that I went to the U.S in 2009! $1.70 to spend! WOO!!

Hope you are all having a lovely evening.

Also if you have been to New York and know of any items that we will need drop me a comment and I will be so grateful!

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  1. I love buying mini things for travel, the Moleskin is such a great idea I will have to look out for one next time I go away, have a fun trip x


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