Thursday, 18 August 2011

New York Packing Part 2

Evening ladies! Hope you are well!

Tonight I'm going to share the second part of my New York packing. Today is very fitting as it is exactly 2 weeks until we get on the plane! Now to most people 2 weeks sounds like ages but 1) I am obsessively organised and 2) next week is probably the busiest week I've had for along time, which includes a friend from Manchester coming to stay on Monday, a hen party in Brighton on the Friday and a 50th wedding anniversary in the Lake District on the Sunday which leave me with 2 full days after I get back to be ready!

The theme to this post would be "look how much new stuff I think I need!"

Lovely lovely new ballet pumps my mummy purchased for me today, from Love Label, brand new in St Peters Hospice. I know they are very similar to the ones in the last post but they are a lot softer and I am trying to break in a few pairs of shoes and it's nice to have a pair that's just nice and soft.

New tights and leggings, 200 Den from Primark (my favs), heart print Topshop tights which were £1 in the sale not £12 because they had lost there packet and generic black H&M leggings.

New knickers in the Topshop sale, either £1 or £2.

New PJ's, the stripy pink hoodie was from Ali (go see her blog!) and the pretty bunny PJ bottoms were from ASDA and they were £6

Purchased this dress from eBay and it was a steal at £3 as it was named "tooshop cloths" and I remember eyeing this up when it was in store. Very pretty and most importantly very very light material so perfect in case it gets a bit too hot (which in my book is anything over 15 degrees so highly likely)

As always the general theme is floral. The top two are from Topshop and the bottom one is a cheapy H&M basic dress.

Picked this up in Next yesterday in case the weather does the opposite! I fell in love with it instantly after Ali pointed it out to me saying "they have some crazy old lady jumpers over here" I am a floral wearing old lady jumper hoarding woman and I am proud! Being almost completely skint at the moment Ali's mum was kind enough to get it for me.

Now on to a couple more health and beauty bits. I purchased this in the ASOS sale for £5 in April for a trip to London but it didn't arrive in time (next day delivery my ass) so it's never been used! Even though its teeny tiny its actually very powerful and due to my hair being long and thick it takes forever to dry and needs a quick blast to get the ball rolling. Its nice and small which is a great space saver.

Two emergency hair slides to go in my vanity case and a pink travel toothbrush I couldn't resist in Superdrug.

I know the hotel will probably have towels but I like to have my own (slight germ-a-phobe) so was pretty please when these pretty spotty towels were in the sale at Asda for £3

Hair dye (wooooo exciting!) Well overdue and has to be done! I need to packets a time due to how thick my hair is. I was once having it cut and the hairdresser turned to me and said "I look after horses in my spare time and your hair is as thick as a horses tail". Just FYI hairdressers of Bristol, if you want a tip from me don't compare my hair to that of a horses tail.

And speaking of hair, I had mine cut today (also well overdue) and here is a picture I am using for my 16-25 rail card. I went to AKA professional hairdressing I'm not going to lie, its not cheap but a lovely young lady called Charley is probably the only person in the whole world I trust with my hair!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

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