Friday, 26 August 2011

New York Packing Part 3

Good evening ladies!

Hope your having wonderful eventful Friday nights, or at least more exciting than mine.

Tonight I thought I would share with you part 3 of my New York packing, which I am going to call the "space saving" edition.

So here are my top tips for holiday packing space saving:

Remove ALL outer packaging!

When I go on holiday I tend to need / want new things. Partly because i find it exciting to go out and purchase new bits and pieces for my holiday and partly with no access to a washing machine for a week I tend to find that I need extra bits to make it through. For example for this holiday I realised that I only have a couple of pairs of tights that don't always fall down or make my legs itchy.

To elaborate here is a photo of what I am trying to explain. Tights tend to come in out packing with cardboard slips in the middle. Which when you are taking several new pairs can take up a fair amount of space. Tights squash down to almost nothing out of the packaging and this goes for anything soft.

This is the pile of packaging from just the tights! So much space saved!


Now I know that many people will think that travel minis are a rip off and that they charge you for a tiny amount of something pennies more for the full size. Then I discovered this

Primark sells packs of 6 empty travel bottles, 3 larger squeezy bottles for shampoo etc and 3 small screw top pots all with stickers that say what they are i.e "make up remover". I didn't realise how good a deal this was until I decided to save more space I would get just 1 more single bottle for my cleanser from somewhere. I popped in to super drug during the week and they sell just 1 single bottle that was the same size for £1.50. So I went to Primark to get another set.

The bad boys in action!

Seeing as I had a another set I decided to use one of the small screw top pots to take a tiny bit of savlon

Just the right amount and more space saved!

That then got me thinking about other uses for the little pots, and I came up this

I have put the stud earring I am taking with me in the little pot. Nothing is more annoying then when you get to your destination, get an outfit on and picture the earrings to go with it and the back has bent or worse broken in transit!

Take only what you really really think you will wear!

Let me explain this photo. I was going through my suitcase when I pulled of this Great Plains Jersey dress. As I went to fold it down small I stopped. When would I wear this? How would I wear this? It is not a great fit, a bit too short for a dress and a bit too long for a top, the cut out neck line means that its hard to wear it with a bra and if you put a cardi on with it will hang funny and too be honest I'm not sure I have ever worn it out, has been tried on and then taken off again. I then vito'd this dress and removed from my suitcase and in to my "for eBay" bag it went.

Now on average ladies, we SUCK at taking items we will not wear. According to the Daily Mail ladies pack 26 extra items "just in case"! 26 extra items! Try and visualise every outfit you will wear and when. Dress for night out, soft shoes for sore feet, your favourite dress all come yes. The 3 different scarves just in case of a freak snow storm, no. It's always important to remember that for most holidays that you are not 1000's of miles from civilisation and that should you find yourself without something, you will be able to find it.


Do not start freaking out! Most of us start out with the best intentions and at the LAST minute we start throwing in things that we probably haven't worn in a couple of years. Denim hot pants that you were never to brave to wear, maybe you will on holiday? Maybe but probably not. You will see them in the suitcase and think no, no. Last minute shoving will overload your bag and make it hard for all your purchases when on holiday to come back with you, and really, that is the end goal. To be able to fit it all in your bag on the way back and keep it within the baggage allowance.

So those are my tips! Would love to hear any of yours! I go to New York in 6 days and 2 of those I am away for a wedding anniversary so I really have very little time left!

Hope you all have lovely evening!


  1. I'm going to take my jewellery in a little purse :)

  2. Great tips! You are SO organised. I only enjoy packing if it's incredibly last minute as I find the urgency helps me to worry a lot less about exactly what I'm taking and I just pack good essentials that can be mixed with anything. Having said that, I do pack incredibly light for a chick! I think if you want to take a lot you NEED to follow space saving tips (which I remember learning when I went to Brownies as a kid). Travel bottles are great.

  3. I'm not travelling anywhere but fab post! lots of handy hints x


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