Sunday, 14 August 2011

Saturday Shopping 2

Hello Ladies, hope you are all enjoying suitably lazy Sundays!

Yesterday I went shopping, which is rare for me on a Saturday as I can't stand the crowds! But I went in and I was surprised to find it was relatively quiet as this weekend was the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and the weather was pretty grey.

We started in Primark as we met fairly early and the crowds of Saturday shoppers had no yet descended. Didn't pick up much but did find something I had wanted for New York:

This large vanity case. Took it next to my Cath Kidston make up bag (the large one) so you can see the size.
Not bad for £4, I love the print!

Put a few bits in it so i can keep them all in one place. Some featured in this post, plus Vivenne Westwood's Alice perfume, and a sample of Benefits Total Moisture which I was given when I purchased the Triple Performance Facial Emulsion (what a generous sized sample!)

Now for something a bit more special.

I have been hunting for a new pair of shoes for about a week as my beloved boots have fallen apart. (honestly, I was walking around town trying to work out why there was a pain in my foot, I had completely worn through the soles and was dragging my foot around the floor!) We had tried a couple of places, Topshop, Office, Barratts, H&M etc but I was seeing nothing I particularly loved. On the way to stop for a coffee we walked past Kurt Geiger, I turned to the bestie and said "we probably can't afford anything in there but shall we have a look anyway?" so we did. I am so glad we did!

Oh. My. God. Beautiful Carvela velvet beaded bow pumps. Not only are they beautiful they were also in the sale for £29. The last pair in the shop, in my size. Which is a 5 so is ultra unusual for anything even half decent to be left at the end of a sale. It is also unusual for me to be excited about shoes at all, I rarely buy shoes that are over £20 (which is why they fall apart all the time!) but these are so special I actually felt excitement when the sales assistant (really lovely lady, they sure do train their staff well!) handed me over the bag.

Phew! I was pretty tired when I got back yesterday evening! Did a fair amount of shopping, apart from the vanity case and the shoes, also brought a present and a card for my boyfriends sisters birthday from HMV and Clintons, tights and leggings from H&M (far to dull to photograph for you guys!), and some new knickers from Topshop in the sale (not sure you guys want to see my underwear)

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!

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  1. love the cath vanity case. I have so many cath soap bags, they're lovely

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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