Monday, 1 August 2011

What Would You Save?

Evening lovely ladies! Hope you have all had good Monday's?

I stumbled across The Burning House on Tumblr, which asks people to send in photos and a describtion of what you would save from your burning house. I couldn't resist doing my own! So here is mine:

  1. The boy (not pictured)
  2. Totoro soft toy - a gift from the boy for our 5 year anniversary, a special favourite because he said when he picked it out he chose this one because it sits wonky when all the rest sat straight, not sure why but I thought that was sweet!
  3. Canon 100D with standard lens - The first thing I brought myself when I got a "proper" job.
  4. Iphone 4 - Not only because I probably wouldn't know anything of the outside world without it but also to ring the fire brigade!
  5. Keys to my flat - for my inner optimist in case the fire isn't that bad and we can go back in.
  6. Cath Kidston Oil Cloth Purse - for my inner pessimist, to pay for the hotel that would then be our home.
  7. Ipod Nano - nothing worse than losing all your music (I don't put music on my phone)
  8. Vintage Horse Necklace - My favourite necklace, from Covent Garden purchased on holiday with the boy.
  9. Tiffany Bean Necklace - A valentine gift from the boy.
What would you save?

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