Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bristol Aquarium - A Review In Pictures

Evening ladies, hope the week is treating you well!

Today the boy & me made an impromptu trip to Bristol Aquarium after a morning of sitting and playing Mario Kart and feeling fed up & bored. I had fancied a trip as it has changed from the former Bristol Wild Walk (featuring a butterfly walk) to Bristol Aquarium since I was last living in Bristol. 

The Aquarium is located on the Harbour side
so for the local girls that read this blog, you already know that is pretty much in the city centre. Quick and easy to locate which is always a plus. 
Tickets for adults are £13.50, Students £12.50, which I feel is slightly pricey as Bristol Zoo is about the same price and also has an Aquarium as well as other animals and attractions. Although the Imax is included in the ticket and you can see as many as you want throughout the day.

So here are photos from the day, some of them are a little dark but I took the Canon so I think they turned out OK. 

Although it was a fun day out I think if I would return it would be with a coupon, as it is fairly short and I think it's kind of pricey. I definitely enjoyed the Sting Ray & Turtle pool but I did feel it came to an abrupt end. The Imax was also enjoyable as it is the middle of the week it was empty and the film was obviously Shark Themed.

Also, as I never do this, I thought I would share today's outfit post as it has been a better one of recent.

Cardigan: Monsoon - an eye watering £55
Dress: Tesco's Sale - was something like £9
Bag: Cath Kidston English Bird Bag, £33.33 (I remember this because I found it amusing) from Heathrow Airport

Glasses: Vivenne Westwood Via TK MAXX, £15 (and because I get my lens for free they cost less than an NHS pair!) probably my all time best bargain! 

So my lovely ladies, have you been and what did you think?

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