Friday, 30 September 2011

Mini Charity Haul

Happy Friday evening ladies! Hope you have much more exciting plans than myself, watching An Idiot Aboard 2 and eating bad food! 

Last couple of days I have been on a bit of a charity spree, which for most of September I haven't had a chance to do, what with saving for other and (slightly) more exciting things! 

So here is the haul:

Picked up these to at Barnardos. I know we are in the middle of an incredible heat wave for this time of year but apparently the winter and the snow is coming and coming soon and I couldn't be less ready. I know a lot of people have a "summer and winter wardrobe" and I ask those people how?! My "Winter" wardrobe consist of this coat in Camel (which will not be replaced due to it costing a small fortune) and a hat. I picked up this Primark striped jumper and brand new H&M striped cardigan for £1.99 each. Hoping these will keep me warm... Haha! 

Picked up these Soap & Glory Body Butter and Body Butter Deluxe (brand new by the way!) from Cancer Research. They are beyond gorgeous and the formula is very thick. I also popped in to boots earlier and the "Daily Smooth Body Butter" is £10.91 alone. I paid £1 each! 

Pick this lovely necklace up today from St Peters Hospice. It is hallmarked silver and very pretty iridescent. It was £6 which is pricey but for silver I think it is an OK price to pay. 

Picked this up for the boy, It's a shark stapler! I think he was impressed... (not sure how impressed as I always bring him back something or another back from my charity shop adventures) I think it was worth 75p! 

This wasn't from a chairty shop but it is really cute! Popped to Ikea today to get Ali some storage boxes and I needed somewhere to dry socks and the like and I cannot resist something animal themed! £4.79

Hope you have all had a good week! Also this is my 100th post! Thank you to the people that actually read this, I am surprised anyone wants to read my rambling!

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  1. I love the stripes! You can't go wrong with stripes! x


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