Monday, 12 September 2011

New York Mega Haul

Evening ladies!

Having a smidge of the post holiday blues today so I thought I would sort of my holiday purchases from where they had been carefully put (straight on the floor).

Word of warning, this is a very image heavy post! These are just a couple of the bags from the trip!

First up is a stop at Forever 21, I know this shop isn't unfamiliar in the blogging world, due to the Birmingham branch and it has received mixed reviews, but I have never made it there. I have however visited one in San Francisco before so I already knew they were incredibly cheap. We saw Forever 21 straight away in Times Square, its pretty large and glitzy! We went there a couple of times so I brought a couple of things! Firstly these cute socks which were 95 cents, and this lovely pinky nail varnish in a pretty little bottle for $1.80

Such a cute bottle!

These pretty necklaces (also check out the vintage bed spread from the hotel!) a key and a little bird.

They were $1.50 each and pretty "throw on" jewellery. (Also sorry about the quality of these photos, they were taken with my baby camera)

Also purchased this eyeshadow for $1.60, although the packaging is pretty its not fantastic on, which I should of guessed for the price so I will probably will be donating this to my little sister.

These came from Planet Hollywood, and they were free! With our New York passes you were given $10 for the Planet Hollywood gift shop, as well as $10 in the restaurant (that's per card so $40 in total!) and I passed over a lot of bedazzled T Shirts sporting PLANET HOLLYWOOD all over and picked the only thing in the whole gift shop with no branding! I think they are quite pretty and especially for free!

Picked up these Polaroid style frames at American Eagle Outfitters, over the Labour day weekend it was an extra 40% off everything, which meant that from $6 I paid $3.60 which I was pretty pleased about!

After visiting statue of Liberty I purchased the glowing pen from the gift shop, it was pretty expensive at around $7 but it glows! Later that day I also picked up the Hello Kitty cup from Toys R Us in Times Square, which is a pretty exciting shop and it has a Ferris wheel inside! There was a whole range of Hello Kitty New York merch, this was one of the cheaper pieces at $4.

So more of my childish side here! I picked these up at the Disney Store. The woody was part of a range I cannot for the life of me remember which and he has super cute eyes. He cost somewhere around $12. The Rafiki is a Disney Vinylmation which come individually as a surprise (i.e the box is completely sealed, seriously you can't even feel the silver foil on the inside!) and I was incredibly lucky, of the lion king set there is a possibility of 13 different ones, and I only wanted Rafiki (I think he is amazing). So Ali & I both purchased one (her favourite film and she was after any of the lions) and ripped in to them as soon as we were back in our hotel room. As I pulled (grabbed) out the packet I felt a stick (Rafiki is the only one with a stick) and said (shouted) I GOT RAFAKI! I was very please! Ali also got a baby Simba so she got her wish too! I am glad I only had to buy one as they are $10 a pop, and would risk being fairly disappointed if I kept getting Zazu!

They have gone to live with my other "collectables" (toys, collectables are the adult term for toys apparently, I think its the same thing) on my jewellery table, no not dressing table, its just jewellery.

To add to my collectables, ppft OK toys, A mini Raffy from Kidrobot in Soho. Kidrobot actually has its own shop in Soho, usually you would only find bits stocked at places like Urban Outfitters. I also know most people prefer the "Munny" the little monkey, but I thought Raffy was better, I just need to work out what design to put on him! He was around $10 which is pretty good as Urban Outfitters used to sell them (I once , unfortunately, worked there for a while) for £15.

Picked up this cute Twizzler pen (I know most people hate them, I love them!) from the Hershey factory for $3!

Picked up this beauty in a little jewellery shop by the Empire State Building, one of those stacked to the roof shops that drew us in with all the sparkles in the window. Was pretty happy to find this star necklace as I had seem a very similar one in Camden that cost £35 and I sadly had to leave it behind, and the cost of this one? $9. Much better!

I picked this nail varnish up at Walgreens (it is pretty much a boots) for about $6. Its Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear in 200 Strobe Light. And I have to say I am pretty disappointed with this product for 2 reasons. 1 - The colour comes out nothing like it is in the bottle, even after 2 coats its a very weak colour, barely even pink. 2 - Xtreme wear is pretty much a lie, its durability was worse than any nail varnish I have owned, I put 2 coats on in the evening time, by mid afternoon the next day it was chipped on every finger and has completely come off my index finger. I know you are supposed to use a top coat (I rarely bother if I am honest) but I thought, as it was Xtreme wear it would at least hold up for a couple of days. This also may go to my little sister.

Picked up this beautiful beautiful phone case at Juicy Couture. This is a shop I would usually avoid like the plague, those velour nightmares that were rocked by almost everyone proclaiming there bottoms were "juicy" are scarred in to my memory. But recently I have seen a few people with pretty charms (if a little garish) and thought we would pop in and get out of the rain. I saw this phone case and fell in love. Now although I love it in the top photo you might be able to make out a large metal silver charm with was on the toggle which Ali helped me take off as soon as I put it on the phone. It was heavy and bulky and clanky but without its perfect. And not unreasonable at $20.

We are now entering the "Look how much I love Sephora" section. First up on the left is a magnetic interchangeable brush with all the brushes you need for eyes. I really was in need of this as I have had the same brush for years and usually would be really bad and just use my fingers (I know, terrible). It was $10 which is pretty good as they sold the brushes each for around $9. On the right are probably my new favourite thing in the world, and slightly regretting not buying more! These are elastic hair ribbons and I am in love!

I think they really "jazz up" (I hate that term but can't think of anything better) simple plaits.

Oh Sephora, so this where all my dollars went! Left to right we have, Girls Meets Pearl by Benefit illuminatior (review coming up very soon) $30 (pricey but beautiful). They're Real! by Benefit (also a review coming up of that) I have heard that this has been kinda difficult to get hold of here in England so I picked it up over there (was planning to purchase it anyway) for $22. That Gal,Porefessional and Stay Don't Stray minis by Benefit, this was a great find as I have been debating for a while which primer to go ahead and purchase so I am going to give these a test before buying a full size, $10. Smiths Minted Rose Lip Balm, this is my new favourite product ever! It soothes sore lips instantly and has a lovely minty flavour, $7 which is a fair amount for lip balm but it is very large so hopefully will last!

I know I mentioned it in my last post, but it is so beautiful! $fartoomuch!

So last but not least (phew, you bored yet?!) I picked these two up while waiting for our plane from JFK, the eye shadow is 76 Liberty and was $26 and the nail varnish is 493 Jade Rose (I loved things with my name apart from actual Jade) and was $21.

So that's the lot! I know know why my feet hurt so much!

Hope you are having a wonderful night!


  1. Wow, such gorgeous nail polish! I can't believe how cute it looks:D Also love the twizzlers pen!

  2. Everything looks amazing - especially the hello kitty mug, i love it! xxx

  3. As it glows I'd pay that too, loving your collectables, where on earth could I find a walle teddy? I only trust No7 and O.P.I when it comes to nail varnish.x

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