Sunday, 18 September 2011

Week In Instagram's!

My goodness is it Sunday already?! When did that happen!

Thought I would share my week's Instagram's with you lovely lot! It has been an odd week, trying to re adjust to my routine back in merry Britannia along with a killer case of jet lag (I did it all very wrong!)

1. Eating Lucky Charms to cheer myself up from post holiday blues!

2. I have been suffering this week from jet lag, meaning a lot of sleepless nights, luckily I have Piggy to keep me company (my other half has to get up at 5.45am for work so he has to go to bed at 11pm) 
3. I was very excited when I got my own last name in Scrabble!

4. Went out for lunch with friends on Wednesday and we saw a low flying hot air balloon going over the waterfront as the sun went down. Very romantic! 

5. Purchased a frame from the charity shop hoping it would fit my photo of Ali and I from Ripleys Believe It Or Not of us sat on the girder with the skyline behind us (tacky but I loves it) hoping it would fit and it's perfect! Not to shabby for £1! I have added it to my "New York" collection.

6. Catterpillar cake at my mum's on Saturday for my birthday as she is working the full day on Monday.

7 & 8. Eating all the goodies I brought back with me! Runts and Peanut Butter M&M's.

9. Went shopping with my Mum and little Sister today, went to the Mall Cribbs Causeway first thing to avoid avid Sunday shoppers. My mum brought some Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and she always asks for samples! Luckily she doesn't want these ones! 

10. As it's my birthday tomorrow & we are all off to a friends wedding next weekend, my mum treated me to this beautiful but ever so expensive cardigan from Monsoon (find it via this link if your interested). It has beautiful star sequins throughout the body and sleeves. It was a toe curling £55 though so I am going to be extremely careful when washing this!

So that has been my week! I am off celebrating tomorrow night for the birthday, so will probably blog again on Tuesday full of remorse!

Hope you have all had a good week!


  1. lucky charms yay :D my boyfriend works in cybercandy, is that where you got them? :D

  2. I looove Scrabble, haha! Looks like you had an entertaining week for sure - enjoy tomorrow night!

    x Michelle |

  3. @Arabella no I picked them up in New York (you know, how you do!) but I am thinking of placing an order for cyber candy for some more!

  4. strange - i have a big packet of lucky charms sitting right next to me x

  5. Yay for caterpillar cake!
    Happy Birthday :)


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