Sunday, 25 September 2011

Week In Instagram's

Hello ladies! Sorry for the lack of post this week it has been a busy one! 

1. Monday was my birthday so fun start to the week! This was my cake made by my boyfriend.

2. Amazing glittery unicorn card from Ali.

3. I am in love with my new Chanel nail varnish Jade Rose (I love it when things have my name!) it's a really lovely muted colour which is great for everyday wear.

4. This week has seen a lot of shopping, purchased this mirror from Evolution (I am not sure if they have Evoultion anywhere but Bristol?). I am in love with this mirror, I also sort of needed one having only one in the bathroom above the toilet (our bathroom is teeny tiny, its an en suite). It was £18 which is maybe slightly expensive for a fairly small mirror but I love it!

5. Yesterday we went to a wedding for an old family friend of mine in my home town Worthing which was lovely but I was also slightly ill and it involved 2 and a half hours in a car each way (not good when your feeling sick!) with 3 of us squashed in the back seat! Later in the day there was an hour "free" when the happy couple went to having wedding photos taken on the beach. Kyle had never been to Worthing, much less on the pier so I took him to see the wonders. After a quick look about I settled on a quick go on the claw machine with the Toy Story 3 softies in (Toy story is my favourite film of all time). I popped in 20p, aimed, slammed the arrows and waited for it to come away fruitless. Not this time! The claw came up holding bullseye by the leg, so I thought "oh it will let go". It didn't, he was ferried quickly to the hole! This was even funnier as earlier in the day I had been bragging that I was really good at claw machine and the boyfriend said the usual chorus of "there scams" etc. Proved him wrong! Kyle, my mum and I couldn't stop laughing!

6. Oh and another one! Well actually another 2, I text my little sister to see if she wanted to come and play after she said "It's rubbish godddddd!" (pure teenager) after telling her I won something she hurried over, where I won 2 more Jessy dolls so I gave her one! The staff looked dismayed! 

7. After getting back home after 2 A.M this morning I have spent most of today sleeping, so playing these 3 for the rest of the day seems to be the ticket (might be nursing slight hangovers!)

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