Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another Week In Instagram's

Happy Sunday ladies! I can't believe it has been another week already! Little bit of a packed week this week hence the lack of posts! Thought I would share some more Instagram's with you, If you want to follow search Jetley :) 

I tried these bad boys this week. I usually hate spice, but these taste so lovely I can almost put up with the burning! 

Two & Three.
Purchased some cup cake cases and some red velvet cupcake mix this week from Morrisions. I know A LOT of bloggers are wonderful bakers. I however am not, I try but in general my cooking skills leave a lot to be desired. So when I spied Red Velvet mix in the Morrisons own range for £1.50 I thought I would give it a go!

Four & Five.
Me posing with said cupcakes! I was pretty please with how they turned out, in the pack you also got a cream cheese icing and red sprinkles! I know every one will say they are much nicer if you make them yourself, to those people I say you clearly haven't tasted my cooking!

Six & Seven.
The weather has defiantly changed. I can no longer pretend I will be fine in a jumper, coat season is here! This week I have been digging out my thickest tights and opening a pack of thermals I brought in a summer sale for £2. This flat is pretty drafty and I am layering and layering! 

On Thursday I met up with the bestie and our friend Rosie for a wander around Gloucester Road (it is one of the best places in the world) we had a little wander and a quick shop, but Rosie has recently broken her foot and therefore is on crutches so she needed to stop often. We headed in to Tarte to get a coffee, and whilst we were in there we saw 2 of our old school teachers which was surreal, in a "you belong in the school" kind of way! 

Due to the recent turn in weather my lips are suffering! I always have a period in Autumn where my lips get really sore. This is my wonder product! Smiths Minted Rose Lip Balm. An American product that is made in Maryland I got this in Sephora, but you can purchase it on Amazon. 

 Ten & Eleven.
On Friday I had a job interview & I got the job! I now work for Treasure Island Sweets in St Nicholas market, which is a vintage style sweet shop with sweets in jars and retro sweets like dip dabs! I start tomorrow and it really couldn't be better timing, what with rent needing to be paid and Christmas looming! After the interview me and Ali (who was also interviewing for the job, I don't recommend this feeling to any one!) went to Boston Tea Party to celebrate, I got the mostly ridiculously large slab of millionaire's shortbreads & Mango Madness Snapple. It was beautiful and I could really go for another right now!

Twelve & Thirteen.
Yesterday morning I made the only recipe that I have ever mastered. Pancakes!

And that has been my week! I am excited & nervous to start work tomorrow so I am just having a lazy Sunday (as is every Sunday!) 

Hope you have all had a good week!


  1. OH MY, I am so jealous of where you favourite shop in Bristol!

  2. Those red velvet cupcakes look delish, the batter is so pretty x

  3. yummm!! And those cupcake cases are adorableeeee!

  4. Those cakes look delicious! I really shouldnt be reading your blog on my lunch! haha


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