Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another Week In Instagrams

Hello Ladies, hope you're having a very wonderful Sunday!

So another week has passed, so it is another week in Instagrams!
An odd start to the week to say the least! I woke up on Monday morning for my first day at the new job, went to make a coffee and my first thought was "why is there 5 policemen stood in my garden" and then "why is there an ambulance.." and after that "weird place to have an open top bus..." it's not an open top bus, its a normal bus! The corner had hit a tree branch and it took the top off! No one was seriously hurt but it was certainly an odd thing to see before 9am! They also shut the whole road off which meant that I had to pretty much run to get to work on time!
I started the new job on Monday, which was fantastic! Really lovely little sweet shop and the other staff members are all nice. Above is a photo of my apron to keep all the sweet dust off of my clothes! It has been a while since I was in a retail role so I am getting used to standing on my feet all day! If any one is interested there is a website which can be found here.
Three, Four & Five.
Lots of treat this week! Rainbow Nerds are the end of my American sweets! Falling in love with Pom Bears all over again & a firm favourite Caramel Nibbles! 

Coffee has been my best friend this week! The shop is a little cold as we keep the door open at all times so I have been warming up with take away coffees, although I intend to invest in a Thermos as soon as possible to save my pennies! 
Whilst flicking through some old photos I came across this. This is me at about 5 at Stone Henge, I had wicked cool style even then. Check out those John Lennon sunnies!

Nothing much has changed! Still rocking blue glasses and still love blue tones! The Peter pan collar dress is from Topshop, Jumper from Primark & Necklace from Forever 21, and if any one was wondering the glasses are Vivienne Westwood. 

Here is my homage to Halloween, a tiny munch-kin sitting proudly on my kitchen shelf! 
So that is it for this week! It has been a busy week but not in an interesting way! Starting my new job has been wonderful as I need the money and it's quite a sweet (excuse the pun!) job! I am hoping to have a bit more of an interesting week this week! 

Hope everyone has had a good week!


  1. Great photos! I found myself thinking 'ooh I like that too' after every one. Well, minus the bus accident.

    The sweets look yummy. I recently purchased American Fluff (marshmallow spread) from a little sweet shop. I eat it from the jar! It's delicious. Don't know what it would taste like on toast though...

    I love the glasses too by the way.

    Georgia xx

  2. I've got a bit addicted to those pom bears lately!


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