Sunday, 9 October 2011

Instagram Sunday

Afternoon lovely ladies. Hope you are all having a nice Sunday. I have had a busy week and thought I would share it with you ladies. Also if you have Instagram come say hello (my user name is Jetley) I love seeing other peoples photos!

One & Two
On Monday I popped in to town with Ali for a spot of shopping. After a fruitless trip (see my post here to find out why!) we treated ourselves to a Krispy Kreme to pick us up. As horrifically unhealthy as it sounds Krispy Kremes are probably my favourite treat.This is probably the reason I do not look like Beyonce.

Also on Monday we pre-booked our tickets for The Lion King in 3D. Yes, that is nearly £10 of cinema tickets, which is why I often don't frequent the cinema! It also happened that the Showcase De Lux misprinted our ticket, more on that in a moment.

Four & Five
I am coming to the end of my American "candy". I finally opened my Hershey's Kisses, which are the Help for Heroes edition. I thought the ribbon was really cute as it read "Thank You Thank You Thank You". All I have left now is a multi pack of Nerds! 

After above realisation, I popped in to Fizzy Lips Retro Sweets to lust over the expensive expensive imported American sweeties and cereal. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn't justify £8 for a box of cereal. 
Seven & Eight
When I came home from shopping and a meeting with an a job agceny, the Boyfriend asked to have a look what was in the freezer for dinner. I opened it up and my Clarence the Birds Eye Bear was sitting on top of my Linda McCartney faux sausage rolls. I will prefix this story with saying for the last month I have been going "any post" and "is he here yet" every day. He was supposed to take "up to" 30 days, mine came at day 35. He is super cute and he was definitely worth making the Boyfriend eat 30 fish fingers (I don't eat meat or fish) to get him! He is smaller than I expect but also very soft and cuddly.

I also tried the Cadbury Creme "Screme" egg this week. I was honestly disappointed, I thought the green goo would be very green but it is a very light lime colour and very little of it.

Sending amusing texts, such as this Iphone Diglett.

As I mentioned above, our tickets for the Lion King 3D were misprinted. We had booked tickets for 2.30pm and on the ticket it said screen 3. The guy at the box office who gave us our 3D glasses said screen 3. The usher also said screen 3, twice (lovely guy but seriously). So we took our seats, in screen 3, sat through the adverts, and then the feature presention said "Johnny English" we jumped up assuming they had put the wrong film on. Nope, the film was actually being shown in screen 11. Oh, and we had already missed they first 10 minutes. After a quick chat they agreed we could come back for the next showing, no problem. So we left and went to get a coffee at our favourite haunt, Azura (brilliant coffee, brilliant prices and a buy 4 coffees 5th free deal) as we talked about what had just happened we became more and more annoyed, we had booked the tickets for that time especially etc. So with ample time to spare we headed back to the Cinema De Lux and asked to see the manager. A quick chat and he handed us an "emergency ticket" each, allowing us entry to any future film 2D or 3D for free. It pays to complain! Also the film is wonderful! I am sure you all know the story but the 3D is wonderful, very subtle and really added to the film rather than being the main focus.

Friday I saw a friend I rarely get to see as she is incredibly busy. As she hadn't been able to make make my birthday meal she came baring a belated Birthday gift of Lucky Charms (funnily enough after earlier in the week as I had been lusting!). It is wonderful treat and nice to have something a little different. 
Also made a couple of sneaky purchases on Friday. Pretty little bunny necklace from the New Look sale, £2, and a N.Y.C nail varnish in Lights, Camera, Glitter, £2.50. The nail varnish is very pretty and has flecks of purple and blue in it. It is very pretty!

I have also been enjoying something a little healthier, Watermelon! My true fruit love!

Today I am having a lazy Sunday which is a tradtion in our household. PJ's, Coffees and Potatoes in the oven. I am also hiding from this sudden down turn in weather. Time to dust off the coat and hat and really start enjoying the Auturm weather!


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  1. Fizzy Lips will be the death of my bank account I'm sure, I have such a massive list for there.


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