Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sneaky Mid Weeks Purchases & A Bit Of A Moan

Good evenings ladies! What a horrible turn of weather it has been! 

Popped in to town today for a meeting with a job agency (oh the search continues) and then as it was rude not to, went for a mooch around the shops with Ali. Picked up a few little bits. 
Picked these bird earrings in the New Look sale for £2, although took me a while to find a pair that wasn't broken in some way! 

Also popped in to Jane Norman and picked up this cute bunny bobble hat for £3. Jane Norman is a shop I would usually avoid, I have found the sizing a nightmare and it's just not my style, but we were hiding from the sudden downpour in Cabot Circus and it was this or JD Sports!

We also had a quick mooch around Fizzy Lips Retro Sweets in Broadmead. After a quick look at the £8 boxes of cereal and cans of my favourite American drinks for £1.50 I picked up a little bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers for 80p. I forgot to buy any in New York so I was glad to see them!

Now on to the slight *cough* moan.

Why, oh WHY does every Autumn/Winter see the shops flooded with every tone of beige imaginable. I hate hate hate A/W fashion and I have a feeling I always will. This week I have searched and search for anything I like and every single shop I have been to I have been put off by either the colour, fabric, or most importantly, the frigging PRICE. 

So, I know that the price of cotton has dramatically risen recently resulting in prices soaring but this doesn't stop me feeling slightly horrified at the price of clothes.

Take this Tie Back Knitted jumper from Topshop. I tried this on last week as it has been about the only thing I have found I like, the back is different and I do love a good jumper. The price, Oh yeah, this jumper costs £40.00! Now I also know this is Topshop but I have looked in other shops, and this year it seems for chunky knitted jumper you should expect to pay somewhere between £28 to £50 for a nice jumper. And really, if you think about how much money that really is, it some how doesn't seem worth it any more (for me any way). It is around 6 hours of work (at minimum over 21 wage) and I just feel aggravated when I think of it like that.

I personally feel like I have been priced out of the high street. This isn't something that is particularity easy to admit, especially on a forum such as Blogger where many of the blogs I follow are fashion blogs. I think for me, I will be sticking to a good rifle in the charity shops and a good browse on eBay, because frankly, high street, I can't afford you any more.

Does any one else feel the same way? Have you have a "HOW MUCH??!!" moment recently? I would love to hear your opinions on it.


  1. topshop prices drive me mad!

    I love fizzy lips. new favourite shop!

  2. I can't bare to shop in Topshop anymore. Their clothes are no better quality than anywhere else so the price hike isn't always justified. But always find they have the best cat walk translations! xx

  3. I totally agree.. prices are rising and quality is not. It's scum!

    - Jaimie


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