Sunday, 2 October 2011

What's In My Daily Make Up Bag

Good evening ladies, hope you all having a lovely sunny Sunday!

My make up bag has recently exploded, it is stuffed to the point where I can no longer close it! After a holiday love affair with Sephora I have been on a total beauty binge and I really must stop before I am a well made up bag lady!

So I have transferred my daily make up to a smaller bag so it is easier to find! Nothing worse than being in a rush and not being able to find your mascara/eyeshadow/glitter lashes etc etc. 

As I wear minimal make up on a day to day basis I only need a couple of bits to grab on my way out. I picked up a little Panda make up bag in Primark for £2.50.

Two of my all time favourite products, Yves Touche Eclat in 1 and Benefits Lemon aid. The Touche Eclat is a beauty classic and does the trick every time, the lemon aid is an eyelid primer and great for "sticking" eye shadow on all day. Its a yellowy colour and its this colour to neutralise redness which it does. Niether are a cheap product, with Touche Eclat somewhere between £20 and £25, and Lemon Aid so where between £17 and £20 but I believe in these products to relieved and they will always be a repurchase.

Two new products to my make up bag. I have already blogged about the Garnier B.B cream here and it's ease of use has earned it merit. The Porefessional is only a tester and I already know that will be a repurchase! The formula is slightly grainy which is different for a primer as they are usually silky to touch but I do think it works very well and pores are definitely reduced. Garnier retails for around £9.99 and Porefessional is around £23.50 which is pricey as the tube is fairly small.

Benefit They're Real mascara has had a love / hate relationship in the blogger world. I am personally in LOVE with this product. The wand is my idea of perfection, I prefer the "spikey" brushes as I think they leave a less spidery effect. I find it easy to layer without clumping and I noticed much longer lashes from the first application. They're Real retails for around £18.50, again not a cheap product (I seem to have expensive taste) but I think it is worth it rather than purchasing several £7 mascaras aren't quiet what I was looking for.

Mac's Dainty Mineral Blush, a very light pink blusher that is probably the least worn product in this bag, this will come out on a day out but I am a fan on subtle make up and this is a little more flashy than I would usually wear. Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl highlighter, I really love this product! It has a unique applicator which is grid that lets through a small amount when twisted from the bottom. This is the very lightest pink and has a slight shimmer. Mac's Mineral Blushers cost around £18 and Benefit Girl Meets Pearl is a budget blowing £24.50!

Chanel's Liberty Eye Shadow. This is again a lovely subtle colour and great for day to day wear. The powder is soft to touch and very easy to apply. I find that you only need a very small amount of this product, one sweep will do a whole eye easily. Again (I know, I know I have a problem) a pricey end product at £21. 

And that is it, I am a firm believer in not wearing make up every day and only wearing if it I am going out. I am also a firm believer in make up to enhance beauty and not covering it, so it is unlikely you will ever see me "caked" in make up. 

I would also like to add that this looks like a stupidly pricey make up bag but almost every piece in my bag I either got on offer or in America so I haven't paid full price for any of this! For example I purchased the Lemon Aid on eBay (brand new in box) for £3 so it is always worth a look around to save your hard earned money!

Hope you are all having a wonderful night and for those of you that are fans enjoyed the X Factor this evening!


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