Sunday, 13 November 2011

Another Week In Instagram's

Hello ladies! Hope you are all having a suitably lazy or fun Sunday!

So another week, another set of Instagram's!

This week I have been eating Ben & Jerry's Fossil Fuel! An old flavour which has been brought back! It is a beautiful thing!

This week I have also been writing out my Christmas cards! Yes, yes I know its November but although I love Christmas I find writing out endless amounts of cards completely tedious & I like to get them done as soon as possible. I have been punch stamping a moose / reindeer on to the envelopes! These are the cards, I picked them up last year in the Paperchase sale for 10p a box at the end of January.

Monday was utterly freezing, real wintery weather! I was absolutely freezing at the shop & when I was walking to the bus stop I saw this, a tree wearing a jumper! It is part of the Bristol graffiti seen throughout the city centre. I am pretty sure that tree was warmer than I was!

Friday I went to Ikea with my friend who is slowly buying stuff for the future house (she's hoping to look next year) although I like looking in Ikea I do find it fairly tiring after a while so I gave myself a sweet treat at the end! We also went to the retail park behind Ikea and I can never resist a look at the  animals in Pets At Home! These gold fish were well pretty!

I have been lusting after this jumper from Topshop this week. I do love a good stripe! I already own a lot of blue and navy, so red is obvz completely different!

But the jumper will have to wait as this week I have fully started my Christmas shopping. Saw this cute little chocolate filled bear purse in Marks & Spencer whilst shopping on Saturday. I did get a couple of other stocking fillers but he did get left behind as at £4 I thought it was a bit steep seeing as there was about 5 chocolates inside!

Whilst shopping we found out that a German Christmas Market had been set up between the Galleries & Cabot Circus (the two shopping centres in town) including this giant Advent calendar which will be opened every day (1st - 22nd) by Father Christmas at 4pm which I think is a really cute idea for kids!

Feeling all Christmassy after our walk through the German Market, we headed to Krispy Kremes to get a Khristmas Kreme (see what I did there). I got the Christmas Tree & Ali had the Snowman. Both completely adorable! I do love seasonal doughnuts!

Last night I had to go to an Ann Summers party. An old friend of mine has become an Ann Summers party rep to earn more money, so I went to support her. As her Mum is my Mum's best friend my Mum was also there. If you have been to one you know what they are about, if not it's pretty much exactly what you expect with some "naughty" games thrown in, such as a rude word search (I'm not sure I am going to forget my mum shouting " I found Dildo" in a hurry). As this was only her second party it was quiet relaxed & she had commissioned one of her friends to make these penis cupcakes (when I asked her if they were good, she said "yeah, it's got squeezy balls!"). It was a success for her and she did makes some sales, I brought a nice bra I had seen in the shop a couple of days before!

So that has been it! Hope you have all had a good week!

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