Sunday, 20 November 2011

Another Week In Instagram's

Good evening ladies! Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!

So another week means another week in Instagram's!

One, Two & Three.
On Monday me & the girlies went for a coffee & a cake at Swinky Sweets on the Gloucester Road. We shared a Kit Kat cupcake, was given a postative message by the cup & admired the decorations.

Four, Five & Six.
After lunch Ali & I thought it rude not to at least do a spot of shopping. Well, window shopping for me as because of when I started my new job I am yet to be paid, and by the time I will be paid it will of been six weeks, so I am truly feeling the pinch! Any ways, Golden Wonder bath bombs are amazing, they make the water the most amazing colours, an amazing T shirt from Topshop & amazing socks from Topshop!
Part of the German market in Bristol City Centre. I am not sure what the name for this is, a top heavy windmill? I think it looks pretty at night though! 

Wednesday is my longest day at work, and every Wednesday I knock up around 10 of these. They look simple yes? Wrong didly wrong! They are utter faff, the box is flat & has to be put together, the sweets need to be weighed, bagged, sealed & find the sticker for them, I need to find every single sweet that needs to go in, then put the box in a plastic bag, seal it and then shrink it with a hot air gun.  Oh, and sever customers as I am the only person there bar 1 hour at lunch when we get the largest delivery. They are literally the most aggravating item we sell, and also one of the most popular! This is one full made one! 

I tried the special Frijj sticky toffee pudding milkshake this week. If I am honest I give it a 4/10, the taste is almost exactly the same as the Simpsons Fudge flavour, and it costs 60p more! 

Ten & Eleven.
Thursday I stayed in due to the extreme lack of funds! That was a shame as it seemed a fairly nice day! I always enjoy the view of the tree but sadly it will be its last winter, as the council is cutting it down. Geesh it destroys one bus and people start cutting down trees! I know it needs to go but still, I do enjoy looking at it! This is my favourite cup from Paperchase, I do enjoy faces on things, but it also around the same size as a bowl! 

Twelve & Thirteen.
Ali came round to relieve me from the crippling boredom and she brought a gingerbread train! We had lots of fun making it & the boy certainly enjoyed eating it! 

Fourteen & Fifteen.
Friday was one of those day that you vaguely do nothing all day! Hiding from the cold with Totoro & managed to do a small bit of cleaning & I sorted out my jewellery table. 

Sixteen & Seventeen.
Yesterday I managed to make an apple crumble that didn't taste terrible, I am so proud! And from one kind of apples to another, tried Innocent apple juice and I was very impressed, it's kind of like Copella apple juice for those of you that have had it! 

And that's it, a fair amount of photos yet I feel like I have done very little this week! 

Hope you are all having a good Sunday!


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