Sunday, 27 November 2011

Another Week In Instagram's!

Hello Ladies! Another Sunday means another week in Instagram's! 

On Monday we sorted out most of the Christmas stock at work. I know it's pretty late for most shops but we have only just about got all our stock out for the big day! I thought this tin ornament was really cute!

After work I met Ali to redeem our free cinema vouchers to see In Time ( I do love a bit of Justin) which was very good, a kind of Bonny & Clyde meets Robin Hood! I am also giving the thumbs down to the Twlight popcorn, which I was dragged to see later in the week by my mum because no one would go with her - I had never seen the first ones or read the book so I didn't see what the fuss was about & after watching it I still don't! Luckily the cinema was empty apart from me & her so I could ask her questions such as "why are they outside, it's day time" and "why is him "vampire venom (seriously...) sparkly" and again "why is this high school grad marrying a vampire.. why is that a good idea!" and so on and so on. I know A LOT of people like it but I just had no interest & I still don't!

Tuesday was a dull day, which started at 8.50 with me having a massive filling (I broke half my tooth) at the dentist! Seeing as I still haven't been paid (for the best part of 6 weeks!) I am truly truly skint, so I stayed in and made bee cakes to cheer myself up with! Luckily I FINALLY get paid on Wednesday and I am counting the hours! I can't wait to get all my Christmas shopping done!

And speaking of Christmas shopping, the boy order me OPI Rainbow connection for Christmas, it is SO beautiful! Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Wednesday I was bagging up hundreds of these for the Christmas rush, with white Bon Bon's, Christmas Balls, Sugared Almonds and Flying Saucers! Weigh them out, bag them up, seal them, curl the ribbon, price them and them sticker them! I hope to god people enjoy them!

Whilst food shopping, I came across a product that horrified me so much I had to take a photo! As I don't eat meat (or fish or anything that had eyes) most meat makes me feel a bit grim, but these are something special! They are burgers you cook in the toaster! EWW!! And further more where does the fat go? I assume it clings to the racks ready for your toast the next morning. OH SO VILE.

Thursday was another early start, with me having teeth cleaning at 8.40 am! I know, the dentist twice in one week! But they are all sorted and super clean now! If you haven't had teeth cleaning it hurts a little bits so that fully woke me up! As I went with my Mum we went to do a bit of Christmas shopping after, not before stopping at Goldbrick house for a coffee. We spent the most time in the Guild on park street. The Guild is the most beautiful "Jade" shop ever, stocking Alessi, Cath Kidston, Emma Bridgewater, Fred and Friends, Joseph and Joseph as well as a lovely range of kids toys and yummy food. I have fallen in love with this insanely expensive Emma Bridgewater Cocoa Mug! I know its stupidly expensive, so it has made my Christmas list! If you have never been to the Guild I suggest you go (and take me with you!)

After shopping Mum treated me and her to a haircut. I usually am a bit "Meh whatever" after I have my hair cut, But I really like it! I had more taken off that I normally do but my hair feels so so healthy. It should be the perfect length in time for Christmas which is a bonus!

My sample of Baileys Biscotti came, which I am going to save for Christmas morning!

Friday me & the boy went and got our drink on, which meant that Saturday slipped through my fingers.

Today I have been sorting out the flat, trying to get rid of useless crap and getting round to doing those odd jobs that you have never had time to do, such as putting up the spice rack, almost a year after got it! I realised that we probably should put it up after noticing it was from Habitat which isn't even around any more!

And that has been it! Next week is going to consist of work and going Christmas shopping (I am usually BEYOND organised and it is making me stressed I have had to leave it so late) and trying to hunt down a half decent fake tree, and if we can't I am going to hand my decorations off a stick!

Hope your all having a pleasant Sunday!

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