Thursday, 17 November 2011

An Early Christmas List!

Good evening ladies, hope you are all well this evening! 

Tonight I thought I would share with you my little Christmas list. Christmas list's are a new thing for me, having grown up in a no list household, but my Boyfriend is a little bit terrible at buying gifts! His heart is in the right place, but after years of books on Vivisection for Valentines day and things along those lines we decided lists were probably the way to go. I also found that his family are also a great fan of a list. This list is fairly short so if any one has any suggestions, please let me know!

1. Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set £10.95
Christmas without snow fairy for me is what meat eaters feel about turkey. It's just not Christmas without it. I love this gift set as there is no bath items in it, which is perfect as I don't have a bath!

I have had my eyes on this for ages but I have never got round to buying, but as I am a sucker for all things animal I really like it! 

Love these headphones! I am in dire need of some new headphones as my iPhone ones have gone incredibly tinny & makes everything sound dreadful! They also have other styles but these are my favez. 

How cute are these? I love these! 

Ok, this hasn't really made my list, but how fun would this be to play on Christmas day! 

And that's it! Apart from the Tatty Devine fox necklace this is it. I personally think this is a realistic list as it is frugal times for every one! 

So have you made a list this year? If so what has made your list?


  1. I love the smell of snow fairy, so gutted I am allergic.

    I actually NEED that candy grabber.

  2. I love love love the dear necklace - so cute! <3 xoxox


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