Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A Hot (Cloth) Debate!

Good evening ladies. Hope you are all well! I am feeling sorry for myself tonight after an early morning of painful dentistry work!

Recently I have been trying out 2 hot cloth cleansers & I thought I would share my views on both of them.

I was given this cleanser by Ali after she had a go with it. I am a fan of most things Soap & Glory, and in a usual "I like this brand" way, expected to love it. The cleanser comes with a muslin cloth which you run under a hot top whilst you apply the cleanser, and then when the cloth is nice and hot, wipe it off. My first thought was, "wow, this smells amazing" as it smells almost completely of Lavender. My second thought was that you needed quiet a lot to do your whole face, as you only get 100ml in what I would describe as a toothpaste tube. After I washed it off, although my skin felt a little softer, in all honesty it was the first Soap & Glory product I have come across that I wasn't impressed with. I think that they have better products for the price tag! 

My rating: 5/10 - Nice smell but expensive & ineffective.

I picked this up a while a go with a No7 voucher after hearing that hot cloth cleansers were good. At this time it was £9.00 so I only paid £4. As above, it also comes with a muslin cloth. Although it has a very plain smell I was impressed with how it made my skin feel, soft but also very clean. The product comes in a pump top bottle, and I still felt that I needed a fair amount but it did rub in nicely. This product is also a lot cheaper, with 200ml for £10.00, plus there is No7 vouchers around almost weekly so for £5 I think it is worth it! 

My rating: 8/10 - Good value & works well but would prefer a nicer smell. 

So have any of you ladies tried any other hot cloth cleansers? Maybe you could recommend one with a nice smell?

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