Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My Top 3 Perfumes

Afternoon ladies! 

Thought I would share my top 3 perfumes of all times with you this afternoon. I have always loved perfume & in my time I have tried a fair few! I wear perfume almost every day, just a small spritz when I am leaving the house & I expect perfume to hold up for at least most of the day! 

Number 3 - Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice.
This is the only perfume I have ever actually purchased for myself. I am not sure if I am the only one but I tend to receive perfume for Christmas & I usually get enough to last me straight through until the next Christmas. This was until I was walking though Manchester's Selfridges & I was handed a perfume sample card, I gave it a half hearted sniff and suddenly had to have whatever it was I just smelt. The perfume itself is very floral, with notes of Ylang Ylang, Black Rose & Carnal Violet. It also comes with a bracelet wound around the neck which only sweeten the deal! Not a cheap one, 30mls (shown in the photo) retails around £36.50. (Find it here at the perfume shop)

Number 2 - Vera Wang Princess 
This is probably my most used perfume of all time. My mum has purchased me this year after year after teenage me fell in love with it, honestly, because the bottle was heart shaped and it had a crown! I know there has been several limited editions but I have always had the original. The smell itself is a pleasant one, again its floral, with a strong smell of water-lily & vanilla. I find this is an easy one just to spritz on for a less overwhelming smell that other perfumes. Also not cheap (like make up I seem to have expensive taste!) for 50ml (shown) it retails at £44.50. (Available via the perfume shop)

Number 1 - Marc Jacobs Daisy
I received this for Valentines day this year after a long time of lusting after it for years. This was a special handbag sized 20ml bottle that also came with another 20ml refill as the spray top unscrews! This is the most floral of the 3, with a smell of violet & wild strawberries. I love the fact that this bottle is reusable (I also found out that you can buy refills online for fairly cheap) & the rubber daisy is super cute. This is my number 1 for one reason, if I put it on, I can still smell it in the afternoon! It has amazing lasting power! Daisy retails at £44.50 for 50mls. (Available via the perfume shop)

These 3 have won out in different ways, sheer straight away love, a classic & the one with the best staying power. I do find that I am usually drawn to floral scents, I also find that a pretty bottle with draw me in to give it a smell. If I could have another added to my collection right now it would be either Chanel No5 or Chanel Mademoiselle. So hopefully FATHER CHRISTMAS can hear me now... haha. 

What are your favourite perfumes? X


  1. I think we have very similar perfume tastes and pretty bottles are always a winner!

  2. I love Daisy!

    P.S. please keep doing sweet of the week! I love icy cups!


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