Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Week In Instagram's

Hello lovely ladies! Hoping your all well this particularly cold Sunday!

One, Two & Three.
Last Sunday evening I made some basic fairy cakes on a whim, and at the last minute decided to chuck in some Rainbow Nerds, and they really worked! As they are just sugar they melted into the mix & left the different flavours! Defiantly will be making these again!

I also finally found this necklace! From Tatty Devine, this was a present from the boy which I thought I had lost in the move from Manchester to Bristol.

Monday was Halloween. This is probably one of my least favourite holidays but even so I carved *ehum* a munchkin. He was rubbish, but I loved him anyway! 

 The weather has finally turned from kind of cold, to just plain cold! I had been indugling in comfort food such as tomato soup & bread!

Seven & Eight.
Wednesday was my full day at the shop & due to it being short staffed I was on my own for most of the day. Above are snaps of just a couple of the shelves of sweets, there are more every where in the shop! Although I am still new I feel like i am finally finding my feet & starting to remember exactly where certain sweets are! I have found a lot of customers come in and ask for a shape or a flavour they remember & I feel I can give advice most of the time!

Nine & Ten.
It's starting to look a lot like Christmas! On Friday Ali & I went to town to do a spot of Christmas shopping. The top pic is of the massive Christmas light decorations that have gone up in Cabot Circus. I also picked up these cute tags in Paperchase. 

Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen.
Christmas to me means Lush. Whilst I was shopping for others I was also eyeing up bits & pieces for myself! I love Lush all year round, but the love doubles at Christmas! Everyone loves Snow Fairy & I am no exception! Mr Frosty is new this year, which has 3 bath bombs wrapped in a Snow Man! It also includes the Golden Wonder ballistic, which the shop assistant showed us (amazing colours) and also told us that a batch of Golden Wonders takes 6 weeks to make! I had a good look around the gift sents & I love the Stardust set, which has a small snow fairy shower gel & a snow fairy bubble wand (two favourites) but it is fairy expensive at £26.95! I know that I also will be purchasing bits & pieces from Lush for others as they make such wonderful gifts!

I also picked up this floral peter pan dress from A wear in the sale for £6! Which is a great bargain for a brand new dress! 

My mummy bear picked me up this fakey Chloe bag in a charity shop, it hasn't got any "chloe" branding & its a nice bag, can never have too many! 

After picking up the above gift tags I thought I should get my Christmas box out & have a look what I do & don't have. I know some of you may think that thinking about Christmas in November is far to early, but as I have mentioned before I personally find Christmas easier to do if I do it slow & steady. I knew that I had Christmas cards that I brought for super cheap last year in the sale, and a couple of packs of sticky labels. After a quick look I would like a few more decorations and then I think that side will be done!

Happy Sunday lovely ladies!

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