Sunday, 4 December 2011

Another (Christmassy) Week In Instagram's

Hello ladies, is it really Sunday again? Where has a week gone?!

One & Two.
Work on Monday consisted mainly of bagging up a lot of Fruit Salads for the Christmas Retro Hampers! I also finally saw the Bristol Christmas Gorilla! Which is pretty bad as it has been there for a few weeks and I work about 500 yards from it! 

After work on Monday I went for a coffee with Ali and she let me sample her OPI Muppets Gone Gonzo, I did it very quickly but it is still beautiful! 
Four & Five.
My love of cute is endless! A few bits from around the house, including an Alessi monkey salt grinder, Russian doll measuring cups, bunny scissors & Triceratops lamp! 

Work on Wednesday was manic, what with the strike march ending just outside my work and plenty of mothers and their children doing a bit of unscheduled Christmas shopping. My boss made me a hot chocolate to keep me full of sugar! 
Seven & Eight.
Thursday saw December in! This year I made up my own advent calendar with this reusable box tree and some sweets from work. The draw is just deep enough to get two sweets in so I will be keeping this reusable one for as long as it lasts! 

Nine, Ten & Eleven.
Pay day purchases! Artisan Biscuits which I had been struggling to find for Kyle for Christmas (I found them in Swinky sweets on Park Street), A necklace for myself from Alice's Secret Emporium & A cow milk jug, brand new in a charity shop for £2.

Twelve, Thirteen , Fourteen & Fifteen.
Christmas tree is up! We ordered it from Sainsbury's with the food shop, which was 33% off, from £9.99 to £6.66! I thought the price was rather hilarious! I was going to leave putting it up for a while but when it came I wanted to see how it looked, and its a little rubbish but it is good enough for the money! These are 3 of my favourite decorations, Reindeer with my name on from the Manchester Christmas Market I had made last year, Robin decorations that clip on to the end of the branch & plastic candy canes! 

Sixteen, Seventeen & Eighteen
Friday was a day of Christmas shopping. A festive beverage for a festive day, Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte. Purchased a new star for the tree, £2.50 from Paperchase. Spent a lot of money in lush, because it isn't Christmas without Lush! I also purchased myself a dress! First time I have brought clothes in months and months! Mini haul post coming up later in the week. 

Saturday I felt pretty under the weather, just with a general cold, I hate being ill so I decided to make a start of wrapping up the presents! Last year I went pretty over board at Christmas and spent a small fortune. This year my wage has dropped by a sizeable amount & I just can't afford to do the same, I have made lists of what I am getting people with a budget and I have to stick to it! I am glad to have some of it done and I will hopefully get the rest done in the next week! 

Today I have been feeling pretty under the weather, but I have been at work all day! 

Hope you have had a good week ladies!

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