Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Gifts

Hello ladies. Thought I would share a couple of pictures of some of my lovely Christmas gifts. I love reading these posts so thought I would pop up my own. This year I didn't really ask for a *main* present, just a few little bits and pieces as I am well aware that no one has much money! I was really happy with what I received, as I am all about it's the thought that counts!

Just a few of the things I got from Ali, including a Toy Story Alien night light, a pig soap on a rope, froggy earrings and a Bullseye and Rex vinylmations (I love love LOVE Toy Story) she got me far to many things this year, including Sea Monkeys, Mario Galaxy, Smooth Moves & Hotel Chocolat Tiddly Penguins, NOM!

Spongebob Calendar from Kyles mum, I always get a calender for Christmas and she always picks well!

Another couple of bits from Kyle's mum, stickers, a note book, a pen & a kitty money bank all from Paperchase. All things I love, and I had been eyeing up the money bank for a couple of weeks!

Russian doll chopping board and wooden spoon from Kyle's Grandma (This may be a slight theme... haha)

Hannah Makes Things Deer necklace from Kyle's mum

Another gift from Kyle's Mum (because she is the best) Snow Fairy gift set - wonderful for me as I don't have a bath :(

DCI Russian Doll (told you there was a theme!) headphone's from Kyle's little sister, which are brilliant because mine are broken, but also how cute. A Pusheen Plush from Kyle, which may seem a little odd but he is an animation drawn by a talented lady and I think she is beyond cute. If you haven't heard of / seen Pusheen you can see all of them here at the official site.

An utterly beautiful Emma Bridgewater Cocoa mug from Kyle!

Very lucky girl - TWO OPI'S! One from Kyle and the other from his sister, Rainbow Connection (I wonder how many people got this for Christmas?!) and Gone Gonzo. 

Lovely Pip Alessi Keyring from Kyle. It's a mousey! And It's a shiny mousey!

Tatty Devine fox necklace from Kyle. It is stunning but I was really annoyed when I found out that the clasp was broken. This is the second Tatty Devine necklace that I have had turn up broken! I have put it on another chain and I sent them an email yesterday to tell them how displeased I was! 

And finally my Lovely Kindle from Kyle's dad (who lives in the USA so I got it a bit early, as the Amazon book came with my name on after I had ordered Kyle a book he wanted and I really wasn't expecting it!) and a spotty Kindle case from my Dad. I am going to write a review of the Kindle at some point soon.

Apart from that I got the normal fare - chocolate orange & coins, socks, hand cream, shower gels and so on. I always find Christmas stocks me up of shower stuff for the rest of the year. You also may of noticed that I didn't receive any clothes - and that is because I never ask for them! I think I may be the only person who prefers getting things for the flat rather than things for me! I love jewellery and make up, but clothes I really can take or leave, probably why I am not a fashion blogger!

So that's it! Christmas is already starting to feel like a far off memory and I am defiantly feeling the post Christmas blues - which I am trying to remedy with buying lots of lovely things in the sales, which so far I have been quite impressed with - post coming soon!

Hope every one is coping with the post Christmas hang over!


  1. Aw lovely. I got a Kindle too and love it. I get a bit download happy though, as it doesn't really feel as though I am spending money.

    Have also recently purchased the russian doll chopping board from Lakeland- just yesterday in fact. It really brightens the kitchen. I love funky homeware stuff...well, also need it to inspire me to cook!

    Looks like you had a fun Christmas! xx

  2. I love that fox necklace! Such a shame the clasp was broken!


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