Tuesday, 6 December 2011

December Mini Haul

Evening ladies! How freezing is it today?! Wish it would snow so at least it looked pretty! 

It feels like forever since I have had any thing "new", even though its December and I am spending every last penny on others at the moment, I couldn't resist a few small pay day treats! 

A couple of essentials. Picked up Imperial Lather's Foam Burst Citrus Burst on offer in Sainsburys, although it is a beautiful shower gel I usually give it a walking glance, as it is usually around £3 which seems a little steep, but as it was on offer for £1.50 I thought I would let it grace my bathroom. Watermelon & Lotus deodorant, oh it is a beautiful smell!  Ali treated me in a 3 for 2 offer to Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity after she had told me it was wonderful, and it truly is! The second you wash it off it leaves your skin beautifully soft! Has tiny pink beads that help exfoliate your skin. Although slightly pricey at £7 for 150 ml, you do only need a little bit so hoping it will last a while! 

A little bit of bling. Lovely vintage necklace from Alice's Secret Emporium which is downstairs in BS8 on Park St. They have an ever changing vintage section, and all fairly priced (this necklace was £.99 which for Park Street and vintage is pretty much unheard of! 

A rare one for me! For you ladies that have read my blog for a while or know me in real life will know that I rarely buy clothes! I know it sounds off put I am so unbelievably picky when it comes to my clothes, not in a snobby way, more in a way of if I don't really really really like it, I won't part with my money for it. I have never purchased clothes that I have put in the wardrobe and never worn. Put it also means that I have very little clothes (no really!) and one of the many reasons I never post outfit posts! It would mostly consist of the same 2 dresses and 2 jumpers over and over. As much as I would like to go and spend lots of money on clothes that I may wear, the bank balance just will not allow it! So when I found this spotty dress in H&M for £14.99 I knew it was meant to be! I love the fact it has long sleeves, perfect for winter! 

Apart from that my money has mostly been going to Christmas presents! Although I have been trying to do this year on a budget it is a fairly difficult time of year for me to get in any little bits and pieces!

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