Friday, 30 December 2011

Sale's Haul!

Hello ladies!

I can't believe that 2011 is nearly over, it feels like it only just started! Post Christmas blues have fully set in and I have been remedying it the best way I know how, by hitting the shops! So here's the haul!


Picked these up in the mini store in Manchester Picadilly on the way home from Christmas up north. I had been in love with the socks since I very first spotted them and was glad I managed to get a pair. The giraffe necklace I had also been eyeing for a while so at half price it was meant to be! I added the sea horse socks in for good measure. All together it came to just over £6 which was the same price as the necklace at full price.


I always hit up Paperchase in the sale to pick up my Christmas cards to next year. This year I picked up a big pack of 40 which should last me almost 2 years which isn't bad for £1.50. I also picked up the little snow man decoration for £1 as I have a collection of the Paperchase soft decorations. I also picked up a tea and coffee utensil holder I had been eyeing up for a while for £5.


I never do particularly well in the Boots sale, I think that if you want to get the Marc Jacobs gift sets you have to be willing to be up first thing on boxing day, which as my last three Christmas's I have been in a tiny village in the middle of no where just isn't an option. I did however pick up this cute little Hello Kitty Liberty eye shadow palette for £4 which I was pretty pleased with.


I love Lush, and the sale only sweetens the deal! As much as I would love to stock up on hundreds of bath bombs and bubble bars, with out a bath it seems pretty pointless so I was pretty controlled. I picked up the snow fairy lip tint after tasting Ali's - it is beautiful, and 100 grams of the Snow Globe soap which has a lovely lemony smell. And, even though I have 2 bottles, I couldn't stop myself buying another small snow fairy shower gel!


OK, so this was technically in the sale, but I did buy it yesterday and it was £10 off.. that is a weak justification if ever I heard one! I had been lusting after the 3DS since I first heard about Mario 3D Land. As a child, a teen and now as an adult I have probably spent more time being a plumber on a mission to rescue his drama queen girl friend than I have spent being myself! As I had to have a pink one (I had a pink DS so I obviously had to have the same again..) I opted for the bundle as that is the only way you could get one! This was a combo of Christmas money, a gift from Kyle and some of my own money. I am very impressed with it so far, as it has a lot of fun features just built in to the console, such as augmented reality games, they really have "upgraded" from the DS. I will be doing a review with this in the new year, along with a review of the Kindle. 

So that the lot! Apart from the 3DS (which I had planned to buy any way) I feel I have been quite controlled this year. but mainly I haven't seen a lot I liked, I didn't like the clothes running up to Christmas and I don't like them now they are cheap and ever so slightly damaged due to the sheer volume of people trying them on. I have always been a S/S girl, as I prefer pretty dresses to practical warm clothes any day, any freezing day at that! 

Hope everyone is coping with the post Christmas blues!

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