Thursday, 15 December 2011

Stocking Fillers For £5 Or Under - The Boys

Hello ladies! 

So as promised, stocking fillers for the boys! I don't know about you but I find buying for the men in my life a lot harder than buying for the women! 

So having actually finished my Christmas shopping (Moi? Smug? Nooo...) I have looked around a fair bit and these are what I think would make your adult man turn in to a little kid again on Christmas morning!

Star wars mints! Great if you don't mind them humming the tunes from Star Wars all day! 

For the winner in your life

Is he a bit forgetful? Solve it for him with a semi permanent pen to write on his skin with! 

Either play them as normal cards, or turn them over to make an impressive log cabin complete with logger! I can see this keeping him occupied for hours on end! 

I reckon this won't see Christmas afternoon! 

Make watching their favourite movie at home like a trip to the cinema! 

And those are my picks for the boys! 

So are you excited for Christmas yet? Also if you have written posts like these please link me, I love reading them!

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