Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Stocking Fillers For £5 Or Under - The Girls

Good evening ladies!

Tonight I thought I would do a post on some of the best (I personally think) stocking fillers about at the moment! I know that there a lot of these posts around at the moment, and I find them really intresting to see what others have picked so I thought I would have a go myself!

This year I know that every one is a budget, and I am constantly reading different stories of where people are cutting back. I personally think a stocking filler is something that is around £5 or under, anything over is really an "under tree present" in my mind, but I know everyone is different. The boyfriend & me both do each other a stocking so I have given his a lot of thought, and I hope he has too! So here is the pick of the girls!

Cute & cat themed, what more could you want? Oh and don't forget the 50 pence to put in, it's bad luck to give a purse without money in! 

Cheap and cheerful, guaranteed to brighten up even the most boring laptop! 

In any colour! Although I am a fan of the glittery silver! 

How much fun would this be to play with on Christmas day? Even if all you come out with is a balloon snake! 

Some bling is never a bad thing! 

A bath bomb of the man that brought it! 

Christmas candles, to make your home smell as festive as you feel! 

A lovely filler for when the budget has gone and your left with the coppers! 

(ALL images from corresponding websites) 

So those are the best I have seen! There are also little touches such as gold coins and a Terry's chocolate orange which you may include. 

Tomorrow I will be doing a set of boys stocking fillers, but I hope that you enjoyed these! 



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