Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Good evening ladies!

(Image from

I am off to New York tomorrow morning and I am super super excited! The bag is packed, my passport is super glued in to my carry on and I have set 4 alarms for my 3.45am start to get to Heathrow!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and I will return next week with many photos to bombard you with!


Friday, 26 August 2011

New York Packing Part 3

Good evening ladies!

Hope your having wonderful eventful Friday nights, or at least more exciting than mine.

Tonight I thought I would share with you part 3 of my New York packing, which I am going to call the "space saving" edition.

So here are my top tips for holiday packing space saving:

Remove ALL outer packaging!

When I go on holiday I tend to need / want new things. Partly because i find it exciting to go out and purchase new bits and pieces for my holiday and partly with no access to a washing machine for a week I tend to find that I need extra bits to make it through. For example for this holiday I realised that I only have a couple of pairs of tights that don't always fall down or make my legs itchy.

To elaborate here is a photo of what I am trying to explain. Tights tend to come in out packing with cardboard slips in the middle. Which when you are taking several new pairs can take up a fair amount of space. Tights squash down to almost nothing out of the packaging and this goes for anything soft.

This is the pile of packaging from just the tights! So much space saved!


Now I know that many people will think that travel minis are a rip off and that they charge you for a tiny amount of something pennies more for the full size. Then I discovered this

Primark sells packs of 6 empty travel bottles, 3 larger squeezy bottles for shampoo etc and 3 small screw top pots all with stickers that say what they are i.e "make up remover". I didn't realise how good a deal this was until I decided to save more space I would get just 1 more single bottle for my cleanser from somewhere. I popped in to super drug during the week and they sell just 1 single bottle that was the same size for £1.50. So I went to Primark to get another set.

The bad boys in action!

Seeing as I had a another set I decided to use one of the small screw top pots to take a tiny bit of savlon

Just the right amount and more space saved!

That then got me thinking about other uses for the little pots, and I came up this

I have put the stud earring I am taking with me in the little pot. Nothing is more annoying then when you get to your destination, get an outfit on and picture the earrings to go with it and the back has bent or worse broken in transit!

Take only what you really really think you will wear!

Let me explain this photo. I was going through my suitcase when I pulled of this Great Plains Jersey dress. As I went to fold it down small I stopped. When would I wear this? How would I wear this? It is not a great fit, a bit too short for a dress and a bit too long for a top, the cut out neck line means that its hard to wear it with a bra and if you put a cardi on with it will hang funny and too be honest I'm not sure I have ever worn it out, has been tried on and then taken off again. I then vito'd this dress and removed from my suitcase and in to my "for eBay" bag it went.

Now on average ladies, we SUCK at taking items we will not wear. According to the Daily Mail ladies pack 26 extra items "just in case"! 26 extra items! Try and visualise every outfit you will wear and when. Dress for night out, soft shoes for sore feet, your favourite dress all come yes. The 3 different scarves just in case of a freak snow storm, no. It's always important to remember that for most holidays that you are not 1000's of miles from civilisation and that should you find yourself without something, you will be able to find it.


Do not start freaking out! Most of us start out with the best intentions and at the LAST minute we start throwing in things that we probably haven't worn in a couple of years. Denim hot pants that you were never to brave to wear, maybe you will on holiday? Maybe but probably not. You will see them in the suitcase and think no, no. Last minute shoving will overload your bag and make it hard for all your purchases when on holiday to come back with you, and really, that is the end goal. To be able to fit it all in your bag on the way back and keep it within the baggage allowance.

So those are my tips! Would love to hear any of yours! I go to New York in 6 days and 2 of those I am away for a wedding anniversary so I really have very little time left!

Hope you all have lovely evening!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Benefit Brow Bar Review & Instagram Photos

Good evening ladies, hope you are all well! Tonight I thought I would share a couple of Instagram photo's from the last couple of days & a review of the Benefit Brow Bar.

Yesterday me & Ali went to have our eyebrows done at the Benefit Brow Bar. As a bit of a background to this I have never had my eyebrows waxed or threaded and I have never been brave enough to try and shape them myself so I had fairly thick eyebrows with no shape whatsoever.

So we popped down to the Bristol Broadmead branch of Debenhams which is home to a large Benefit counter and Brow Bar. After a browse of the menu we decided to go for the Benefit Brow Arch. Whilst we were waiting for the assistant to finish up with another client I decided to go first in case I wussed out if it looked like it hurt.

The assistant sat me down and asked if I had this done before or not and how much I wanted. I asked her to keep it quiet natural as I didn't want anything to "over the top", she mapped out in the mirror where she would take them too and began. After being slightly fooled that it didn't really hurt very much she did the underneath part and that hurt like hell for a second then it faded. I do think the best thing about waxing is that it is very quick!

After she finished the eyebrow waxing she also picked out the strays with Benefit Tweezerman tweezers and then rubbed some lovely cooling lotion on to the skin. Once that had dried she added a lot (and I mean a lot) of brow powder to "fill it in" and when she was done I was slightly surprised. In all honesty she used a very dark brow powder and I have light brown eyebrow and I was fairly shocked. It was a fairly full on look which I am not use to! Although I liked the shape I couldn't help feeling slightly "drag queen-y". This resulted in my washing it off in the toilets in M&S after changing up money for the upcoming trip to New York (1 week away today) and here is the the result without the blooming brow powder.

(Sorry for the posey photo haha!)

I am overall very pleased with the shape and I don't think the price (£11.50) is too bad. Also if you do go make sure that you get a Brow Bar Loyalty Card, get 7 stamps and the 8th is free! I personally will be going back!

As we were walking out of Debenhams a young lady handed us a coupon for a free Smashbox make over. After a coffee and a quick wander through town where I purchased this ring

Reduced to £2 in Dorothy Perkins we headed back to Smash Box to get our free make overs. The young girl that was doing our make overs was very lovely and made me personally feel very relaxed. Which sounds a little weird but I had almost hit my limit of strangers touching my face for the day. Although it was a good make over and she was extremely friendly my only complaint was it felt like she really "caked" the foundation on, which made my face feel fairly uncomfortable as I rarely wear foundation and when I do I wear the smallest amount. I was impressed by Smashbox's range of Primers but I thought they were a little pricey at £29 for 500ml and she was fairly optimistic in saying that it would last about 9 months, if any one has any recommendations that would be wonderful!

After the make over we went to Bella Pizza for dinner, which is a £5.99 buffet resturant. Although the pizza and pasta was fairly average quality the salad bar was incredibly fresh and I probably ate there entire nights worth of cucumber.

After dinner we headed to a friends 21st birthday do at Gold Brick House on Park Street. Check out her amazing classic Chanel Bag cake that her mum made her!

It was a wonderful day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and has made some lovely bank holiday weekend plans!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week In Photos

Hello ladies, hope you are having a nice relaxing Sunday!

This week has flown by, once again I am sat here thinking where did it even go, what did I even do?!

Purchases this week have been minimal, apart from a pair of PJ bottoms in the Primark sale reduced to £2 on Monday here is the one thing I have purchased for myself!

Again from Primark, a bow elastic hair band, after my haircut on Thursday I decided to treat my newly healthy hair to an accessory. I have always been unsure on the elastic hair band craze so decided to pick up a cheapy one in case I never wear it. From £1.50 I thought I would give it a try.

Had a pleasant surprise on Saturday morning! My boyfriend had been out at his friends house on Friday night when said friend went to put an 80 G Ipod Classic in the bin when he enquired if it was broken, and said friend said "no, I just don't want it". WHAT?! I had said a few times to the boyfriend "oh I'd love a big ipod, especially the classic", so when he pulled it out of his bag on Saturday morning I was both very happy to have it and even more happy that he had remember it. After he gave it to me he said "so how many ipods do you have"

I have 5. 5!!!!! Admittedly one of them is my Iphone 4, which most people that have one use as their Ipod. So Steve Jobs, you are the one that has all my money, if you fancy giving me some back that would be fab. I have decided to sell the 3 nanos as I feel two is probably enough for most people!

This week I have restarted Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series after lending them to Ali. When she gave me them back after reading through the first 2 in a matter of days I thought I'd re read them as I haven't actually brought any books in a couple of months so I am starved for some light hearted reading.

(Image via Google Images)

This week I have been watching True Blood. I know, I know how late on the band wagon can someone be?! I never watched it due to 2 factors 1) when it came out I only had freeview and it was never on any of those channels 2) After I heard other people talking about it I didn't think it sounded like a show I would enjoy. During my recent trip to London with Ali her dad put it on and I was hooked from Episode 1, I am now on season 2 and I must see more!

(Taken with Instagram)

This week I tried a coffee caramel frappacino (I know AGAIN, beyond late on the band wagon!) and if i am completely honest I wasn't all that impressed. I love coffee, Ali was asked by her dad what I liked to drink and Ali answered "coffee and water" which is completely correct, in a normal day I will drink coffee and water and that's it. Occasionally when I am out and about I will drink diet coke or other soft drinks but fairly rarely. I had a couple of problems with this drink. The coffee flavour to a large extent cancels out the flavour of the camarel so you only get a hint of caramel, almost as an after taste. Another problem I found is that you need to drink it very quickly, because if you don't you don't just have a cold coffee drink with an after taste of caramel, you have a watery coffee drink with an after taste of caramel. But my main problem with this drink? A medium is £3.60, which in my opinion is a lot of money to charge for what is essentially added ice and flavouring. I know some people love them, but for me I think I will always been a "proper coffee" girl.

Last night I went to see the Inbetweeners Movie with Ali and my little sister. It is pretty funny and if you are a fan of the show you should go see it! It has been a long time since I went to see a film at the Cinema. It has been such a long time that when I last went to see a film it was £6.50!

I hope you all have had a good week!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

New York Packing Part 2

Evening ladies! Hope you are well!

Tonight I'm going to share the second part of my New York packing. Today is very fitting as it is exactly 2 weeks until we get on the plane! Now to most people 2 weeks sounds like ages but 1) I am obsessively organised and 2) next week is probably the busiest week I've had for along time, which includes a friend from Manchester coming to stay on Monday, a hen party in Brighton on the Friday and a 50th wedding anniversary in the Lake District on the Sunday which leave me with 2 full days after I get back to be ready!

The theme to this post would be "look how much new stuff I think I need!"

Lovely lovely new ballet pumps my mummy purchased for me today, from Love Label, brand new in St Peters Hospice. I know they are very similar to the ones in the last post but they are a lot softer and I am trying to break in a few pairs of shoes and it's nice to have a pair that's just nice and soft.

New tights and leggings, 200 Den from Primark (my favs), heart print Topshop tights which were £1 in the sale not £12 because they had lost there packet and generic black H&M leggings.

New knickers in the Topshop sale, either £1 or £2.

New PJ's, the stripy pink hoodie was from Ali (go see her blog!) and the pretty bunny PJ bottoms were from ASDA and they were £6

Purchased this dress from eBay and it was a steal at £3 as it was named "tooshop cloths" and I remember eyeing this up when it was in store. Very pretty and most importantly very very light material so perfect in case it gets a bit too hot (which in my book is anything over 15 degrees so highly likely)

As always the general theme is floral. The top two are from Topshop and the bottom one is a cheapy H&M basic dress.

Picked this up in Next yesterday in case the weather does the opposite! I fell in love with it instantly after Ali pointed it out to me saying "they have some crazy old lady jumpers over here" I am a floral wearing old lady jumper hoarding woman and I am proud! Being almost completely skint at the moment Ali's mum was kind enough to get it for me.

Now on to a couple more health and beauty bits. I purchased this in the ASOS sale for £5 in April for a trip to London but it didn't arrive in time (next day delivery my ass) so it's never been used! Even though its teeny tiny its actually very powerful and due to my hair being long and thick it takes forever to dry and needs a quick blast to get the ball rolling. Its nice and small which is a great space saver.

Two emergency hair slides to go in my vanity case and a pink travel toothbrush I couldn't resist in Superdrug.

I know the hotel will probably have towels but I like to have my own (slight germ-a-phobe) so was pretty please when these pretty spotty towels were in the sale at Asda for £3

Hair dye (wooooo exciting!) Well overdue and has to be done! I need to packets a time due to how thick my hair is. I was once having it cut and the hairdresser turned to me and said "I look after horses in my spare time and your hair is as thick as a horses tail". Just FYI hairdressers of Bristol, if you want a tip from me don't compare my hair to that of a horses tail.

And speaking of hair, I had mine cut today (also well overdue) and here is a picture I am using for my 16-25 rail card. I went to AKA professional hairdressing I'm not going to lie, its not cheap but a lovely young lady called Charley is probably the only person in the whole world I trust with my hair!

Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Saturday Shopping 2

Hello Ladies, hope you are all enjoying suitably lazy Sundays!

Yesterday I went shopping, which is rare for me on a Saturday as I can't stand the crowds! But I went in and I was surprised to find it was relatively quiet as this weekend was the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and the weather was pretty grey.

We started in Primark as we met fairly early and the crowds of Saturday shoppers had no yet descended. Didn't pick up much but did find something I had wanted for New York:

This large vanity case. Took it next to my Cath Kidston make up bag (the large one) so you can see the size.
Not bad for £4, I love the print!

Put a few bits in it so i can keep them all in one place. Some featured in this post, plus Vivenne Westwood's Alice perfume, and a sample of Benefits Total Moisture which I was given when I purchased the Triple Performance Facial Emulsion (what a generous sized sample!)

Now for something a bit more special.

I have been hunting for a new pair of shoes for about a week as my beloved boots have fallen apart. (honestly, I was walking around town trying to work out why there was a pain in my foot, I had completely worn through the soles and was dragging my foot around the floor!) We had tried a couple of places, Topshop, Office, Barratts, H&M etc but I was seeing nothing I particularly loved. On the way to stop for a coffee we walked past Kurt Geiger, I turned to the bestie and said "we probably can't afford anything in there but shall we have a look anyway?" so we did. I am so glad we did!

Oh. My. God. Beautiful Carvela velvet beaded bow pumps. Not only are they beautiful they were also in the sale for £29. The last pair in the shop, in my size. Which is a 5 so is ultra unusual for anything even half decent to be left at the end of a sale. It is also unusual for me to be excited about shoes at all, I rarely buy shoes that are over £20 (which is why they fall apart all the time!) but these are so special I actually felt excitement when the sales assistant (really lovely lady, they sure do train their staff well!) handed me over the bag.

Phew! I was pretty tired when I got back yesterday evening! Did a fair amount of shopping, apart from the vanity case and the shoes, also brought a present and a card for my boyfriends sisters birthday from HMV and Clintons, tights and leggings from H&M (far to dull to photograph for you guys!), and some new knickers from Topshop in the sale (not sure you guys want to see my underwear)

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend!

Friday, 12 August 2011

New York Packing Part 1

Hello Ladies, hope you are having good Friday nights.

To document my up coming trip to New York I thought I would share my planning & packing to show you guys how I like to do it!

On Wednesday me and the bestie went to pick up a few bits from Superdrug we think that we will need.

To elborate we are staying in a hotel with a private bathroom so there is no worry about hostel sharing a bathroom so we have brought items with slight luxury in mind.

1. New York City Moleskine - More on that in a moment
2.Ibuprofen - for aches and pains from walking. 35p
3. Cuticura Hand Hygiene Gel - for keeping hands clean on the go as I have heard that New York is a pretty dirty city. 89p
4.Travel size Dentyl Active mouthwash. Good size for a week and I love it! £1.00
5.Garnier Mineral deodorant. For running around New York and apparently it's fairly hot so went with one with 48h protection (although it never lasts that long but the more hours the better) £1 - half price offer
6. Superdrug travel ear plugs, in case of screaming babies! £1.09

These were not brought on Wednesday but along a similar theme. Travel sized reusable bottles - oh these are beyond useful! They were £1 from Primark earlier this year but they are still stocked, for you £1 you get these three and three small tubs with stickers. Great size and I have used them a few times. Full of Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly shampoo and conditioner and Dove Pomegranate Body Wash. They are great for saving space in your suitcase for really important things like extra shoes etc.

Now on to the for mentioned New York City Moleskine. After a quick search around on Amazon for New York Guide books I settled on this. Why? Well many reasons, I wanted something that has maps and somewhere to write bits of info down. And that was about it, and it has both these things. We already know what we want to go, I am a pretty good judge of restaurants and coffee shops so it seemed pointless to carry round a heavy guide book.

Costs around £12 on the Moleskine website but being a bargain hunter I picked it up on eBay for £3.99 unused (with a small dent in the spine). Pretty good I feel.

In my war against ugly luggage tonight I pulled out my "holiday" suitcase. Yes it is huge. All the better to bring things back in! I picked this up at the Range in 2009 for around £25, not bad considering I can get inside it!

I also managed to find a bit of change from the last time that I went to the U.S in 2009! $1.70 to spend! WOO!!

Hope you are all having a lovely evening.

Also if you have been to New York and know of any items that we will need drop me a comment and I will be so grateful!