Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another Week In Instagrams

Hello Ladies, hope you're having a very wonderful Sunday!

So another week has passed, so it is another week in Instagrams!
An odd start to the week to say the least! I woke up on Monday morning for my first day at the new job, went to make a coffee and my first thought was "why is there 5 policemen stood in my garden" and then "why is there an ambulance.." and after that "weird place to have an open top bus..." it's not an open top bus, its a normal bus! The corner had hit a tree branch and it took the top off! No one was seriously hurt but it was certainly an odd thing to see before 9am! They also shut the whole road off which meant that I had to pretty much run to get to work on time!
I started the new job on Monday, which was fantastic! Really lovely little sweet shop and the other staff members are all nice. Above is a photo of my apron to keep all the sweet dust off of my clothes! It has been a while since I was in a retail role so I am getting used to standing on my feet all day! If any one is interested there is a website which can be found here.
Three, Four & Five.
Lots of treat this week! Rainbow Nerds are the end of my American sweets! Falling in love with Pom Bears all over again & a firm favourite Caramel Nibbles! 

Coffee has been my best friend this week! The shop is a little cold as we keep the door open at all times so I have been warming up with take away coffees, although I intend to invest in a Thermos as soon as possible to save my pennies! 
Whilst flicking through some old photos I came across this. This is me at about 5 at Stone Henge, I had wicked cool style even then. Check out those John Lennon sunnies!

Nothing much has changed! Still rocking blue glasses and still love blue tones! The Peter pan collar dress is from Topshop, Jumper from Primark & Necklace from Forever 21, and if any one was wondering the glasses are Vivienne Westwood. 

Here is my homage to Halloween, a tiny munch-kin sitting proudly on my kitchen shelf! 
So that is it for this week! It has been a busy week but not in an interesting way! Starting my new job has been wonderful as I need the money and it's quite a sweet (excuse the pun!) job! I am hoping to have a bit more of an interesting week this week! 

Hope everyone has had a good week!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another Week In Instagram's

Happy Sunday ladies! I can't believe it has been another week already! Little bit of a packed week this week hence the lack of posts! Thought I would share some more Instagram's with you, If you want to follow search Jetley :) 

I tried these bad boys this week. I usually hate spice, but these taste so lovely I can almost put up with the burning! 

Two & Three.
Purchased some cup cake cases and some red velvet cupcake mix this week from Morrisions. I know A LOT of bloggers are wonderful bakers. I however am not, I try but in general my cooking skills leave a lot to be desired. So when I spied Red Velvet mix in the Morrisons own range for £1.50 I thought I would give it a go!

Four & Five.
Me posing with said cupcakes! I was pretty please with how they turned out, in the pack you also got a cream cheese icing and red sprinkles! I know every one will say they are much nicer if you make them yourself, to those people I say you clearly haven't tasted my cooking!

Six & Seven.
The weather has defiantly changed. I can no longer pretend I will be fine in a jumper, coat season is here! This week I have been digging out my thickest tights and opening a pack of thermals I brought in a summer sale for £2. This flat is pretty drafty and I am layering and layering! 

On Thursday I met up with the bestie and our friend Rosie for a wander around Gloucester Road (it is one of the best places in the world) we had a little wander and a quick shop, but Rosie has recently broken her foot and therefore is on crutches so she needed to stop often. We headed in to Tarte to get a coffee, and whilst we were in there we saw 2 of our old school teachers which was surreal, in a "you belong in the school" kind of way! 

Due to the recent turn in weather my lips are suffering! I always have a period in Autumn where my lips get really sore. This is my wonder product! Smiths Minted Rose Lip Balm. An American product that is made in Maryland I got this in Sephora, but you can purchase it on Amazon. 

 Ten & Eleven.
On Friday I had a job interview & I got the job! I now work for Treasure Island Sweets in St Nicholas market, which is a vintage style sweet shop with sweets in jars and retro sweets like dip dabs! I start tomorrow and it really couldn't be better timing, what with rent needing to be paid and Christmas looming! After the interview me and Ali (who was also interviewing for the job, I don't recommend this feeling to any one!) went to Boston Tea Party to celebrate, I got the mostly ridiculously large slab of millionaire's shortbreads & Mango Madness Snapple. It was beautiful and I could really go for another right now!

Twelve & Thirteen.
Yesterday morning I made the only recipe that I have ever mastered. Pancakes!

And that has been my week! I am excited & nervous to start work tomorrow so I am just having a lazy Sunday (as is every Sunday!) 

Hope you have all had a good week!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Aussie Lucious Long & Mircale Review

Good evening ladies! Hoping are all well and warm this chilling night!

Tonight I thought I would share with you my thoughts on the Aussie range. 

Let me set the tone - I had the worlds driest hair, beyond dry. And very damaged. I have been dying my hair since I was 14, a variety of colours, mostly red but I did have a brief fling with blonde when I was around 18, which has taken 4 years to grow the damage out. My hair has taken a beating in it's time, and more often than not it doesn't actually feel like "hair" as in it doesn't feel soft at all. I usually just buy whichever shampoo and conditioner is on offer in the supermarket in a "I don't care it's cheap" way (within reason, usually a brand). I have tried every Herbal essences (so many types, all feel exactly the same), All the TRESemme Range (Yeah, OK, This is fine...) and every range you can think of!

I finally thought I should do something about my hair. I had heard great things about the Aussie range in the past, but I had always taken it with the proverbial pinch of salt. I picked up the Luscious Long shampoo and deep treatment in Superdrug on a 2 for £6 deal, and the Miracle Insurance in Boots on a half price offer. 

First up (in order you would use it!) The Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo. My first thought when using it was "ooo look at the colour" as it is a faded blue which is down to the "Australian Blue Mountain Blend" which according to the back of the bottle was a type of coffee containing Eucalyptus! The shampoo itself is nice and lathers well. The smell however isn't particularly amazing, really smells of Eucalyptus! 

Next up. The Aussie Luscious Long 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment. The consistency of this is very thick and you do need quiet a lot to do long hair. The results however are amazing, you can feel it softening your hair as you wash it out! But, however, the smell! It is probably the worst smelling deep treatment I have ever whiffed! The first time I put it on I was sure I had brought an out of date one, but after a quick scan of the back, I realised it has avocado oil in. It really is an unpleasant smell which is odd as Aussie usually smells wonderful.

This is a classic and a beauty favourite. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance. This is a spray that goes on sopping wet hair as you step out the shower. This is the wonderful "Aussie" smell of Jojoba oil. Which is great for covering the smell of the other two! It really helps to make your hair feel extra healthy!

So overall, I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Aussie makes my hair feels, and it will defiantly be repurchased, but I think next time I will give them a smell before I buy! I think I am also going to stock up when I see them on offer, as at £4ish a bottle that is way to expensive for my budget!

Have you tried the Aussie range? If you have any recommendations on the best smelling ones, please let me know!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A (Slow) Week In Instagram's

Good afternoon Ladies! 

It has been a slow week, so just a couple of photos of the week to share! 

One & Two
It has been a slow week, due to being bankrupt after paying my phone bill (oh hello overseas use, thank you so much for dropping by!) so I have been sitting in most of the week, frantically searching for things to amuse myself with. The above two photos have been related to my boredom, Goldfish crackers kissing & Ipig wearing my 3D specs. 
Three & Four
After a week of sitting in, me and the boyf decided to go to Bristol Zoo Gardens on Saturday. We found out that if you took the bus (our only option) and asked for a Zoo Safari ticket you got your travel to town and then another bus to the zoo & entry fee for £13.20. Being a massive fan of zoo's (I am DESPERATE for ANY job at Bristol zoo!) we had a wonderful day. We saw a lot of the shows throughout the day including the Fur Seals (the big daddy did tricks for fish, like a sea lion) and I also got to see the new Lion family. Mum & Dad have always been there, but last year they had twin cubs, a boy and a girl, who are playing in the middle.

Five & Six
We also got to feed the Parakeets! You brought tiny pots of what I assume was sugar water, held your arm out and they came and ate and generally sat on you! They were super friendly and surprisingly didn't peck! Also brought this little key ring from the gift shop, Otters are my favourite animals (we also saw the Otters, which we had to wait for them to come out for just under an hour!)

Having a lazy Sunday, flicking round the App store earlier I found a Nyan Cat free app, in which you fly the Nyan to safety through various landscapes. I am LOVING it, I am also loving the smell of Strudel in the oven!

Hope you've all had a good week!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's Going To Be A LUSH Christmas

Hello ladies. Hope you are all warm and happy in this vile cold and grey weather!

Last week Ali & I went in to Lush after I saw the new Lush Times. The Christmas stock is in. And it is goooooooooooooooood. Here are my favourites, which are going straight on my letter to Father Christmas *cough the BF cough*. 

I know many of you will go BUT IT'S OCTOBER! But I will be honest, Me & the other half are on such a tight budget and we both have a large family, that Christmas is a military operation. I hate crowds, heaving massive shopping bags and running out of time and money. Operation Christmas 2011 started today, I purchased £1.50 wrapping paper in M&S on a 3 for 2 offer so it came out at £1 a roll. This way I can do Christmas slowly and on my terms, spread the cost and try not to lose my hair.
First up, everyone's favourite Snow Fairy, in a fresh new shape! New for 2011, this is a Snow Fairy Magic Wand Bubble Bar. The lovely shop assistant (seriously how wonderful are the staff in Lush? Literally puts all other shops to shame) showed us how to use it and why it was special. The wand can be swirled around the bath and then when you feel you have ample bubbles, remove it for another time. Oh and the little bell jingles! I sadly do not have a bath, but I am going to give it a whirl as an improv soap on a stick (totes should be a thing). This product retails for £4.95 each.

How cute is this Penguin Knot Wrap?! Another new addition for 2011. This product isn't available to buy yet but I can't wait to get my mitts on him. If your not familiar with the knot wraps, you purchased them to go around a separately purchased bath bomb. Really great for giving gifts as there is no need to wrap it up! They also have a Christmas Pudding. They are £2.50 each, which is fairly expensive but they are so cute and fun I will probably getting a few people one of these!

Lush Candy Cane Soap, This smells exactly like, funnily enough, a candy cane! New for 2011, a really lovely fresh scent which will leave you smelling like you just rolled out of Brighton Rock. Although I do think it is worth mentioning that the picture is of the whole soap, as in the one on the table and would cost you somewhere around £80 to purchase (I asked!), so my cunning plan is to ask for a middle section to keep the pattern! £2.75 per 100g. 

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt is a new addition for 2011. This cocoa butter treat is beautiful and so cute. A great stocking filler! Retailing at £1.95 each.

A new twist on last years Gingerbread House Tin with a new coin slot and more decoration on the tin. This gift set contains the Gingerbread House bubble bar, Candy Mountain bubble bar, So White ballistic, Cinders Ballistic. I had this last year and I have kept the tin to put Christmas Decorations in. £14.50 each. 

(All photos above from, also this is not a sponsored post, I just have a lot of love for Lush!)

So that's it! There is a lot of new stock (not all of it available yet) and every one has different favourites. I know the Snow Fairy Tinted Lip Balm has been getting a lot of love, but for me it is way to bubble gum pink, even a tiny bit came out the same colour as the shower gel!

Have any of you had a look at the Christmas stock? Anything catching your eye? Any one out there making a Christmas plan yet or am I the only one?!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Instagram Sunday

Afternoon lovely ladies. Hope you are all having a nice Sunday. I have had a busy week and thought I would share it with you ladies. Also if you have Instagram come say hello (my user name is Jetley) I love seeing other peoples photos!

One & Two
On Monday I popped in to town with Ali for a spot of shopping. After a fruitless trip (see my post here to find out why!) we treated ourselves to a Krispy Kreme to pick us up. As horrifically unhealthy as it sounds Krispy Kremes are probably my favourite treat.This is probably the reason I do not look like Beyonce.

Also on Monday we pre-booked our tickets for The Lion King in 3D. Yes, that is nearly £10 of cinema tickets, which is why I often don't frequent the cinema! It also happened that the Showcase De Lux misprinted our ticket, more on that in a moment.

Four & Five
I am coming to the end of my American "candy". I finally opened my Hershey's Kisses, which are the Help for Heroes edition. I thought the ribbon was really cute as it read "Thank You Thank You Thank You". All I have left now is a multi pack of Nerds! 

After above realisation, I popped in to Fizzy Lips Retro Sweets to lust over the expensive expensive imported American sweeties and cereal. As much as I wanted to, I just couldn't justify £8 for a box of cereal. 
Seven & Eight
When I came home from shopping and a meeting with an a job agceny, the Boyfriend asked to have a look what was in the freezer for dinner. I opened it up and my Clarence the Birds Eye Bear was sitting on top of my Linda McCartney faux sausage rolls. I will prefix this story with saying for the last month I have been going "any post" and "is he here yet" every day. He was supposed to take "up to" 30 days, mine came at day 35. He is super cute and he was definitely worth making the Boyfriend eat 30 fish fingers (I don't eat meat or fish) to get him! He is smaller than I expect but also very soft and cuddly.

I also tried the Cadbury Creme "Screme" egg this week. I was honestly disappointed, I thought the green goo would be very green but it is a very light lime colour and very little of it.

Sending amusing texts, such as this Iphone Diglett.

As I mentioned above, our tickets for the Lion King 3D were misprinted. We had booked tickets for 2.30pm and on the ticket it said screen 3. The guy at the box office who gave us our 3D glasses said screen 3. The usher also said screen 3, twice (lovely guy but seriously). So we took our seats, in screen 3, sat through the adverts, and then the feature presention said "Johnny English" we jumped up assuming they had put the wrong film on. Nope, the film was actually being shown in screen 11. Oh, and we had already missed they first 10 minutes. After a quick chat they agreed we could come back for the next showing, no problem. So we left and went to get a coffee at our favourite haunt, Azura (brilliant coffee, brilliant prices and a buy 4 coffees 5th free deal) as we talked about what had just happened we became more and more annoyed, we had booked the tickets for that time especially etc. So with ample time to spare we headed back to the Cinema De Lux and asked to see the manager. A quick chat and he handed us an "emergency ticket" each, allowing us entry to any future film 2D or 3D for free. It pays to complain! Also the film is wonderful! I am sure you all know the story but the 3D is wonderful, very subtle and really added to the film rather than being the main focus.

Friday I saw a friend I rarely get to see as she is incredibly busy. As she hadn't been able to make make my birthday meal she came baring a belated Birthday gift of Lucky Charms (funnily enough after earlier in the week as I had been lusting!). It is wonderful treat and nice to have something a little different. 
Also made a couple of sneaky purchases on Friday. Pretty little bunny necklace from the New Look sale, £2, and a N.Y.C nail varnish in Lights, Camera, Glitter, £2.50. The nail varnish is very pretty and has flecks of purple and blue in it. It is very pretty!

I have also been enjoying something a little healthier, Watermelon! My true fruit love!

Today I am having a lazy Sunday which is a tradtion in our household. PJ's, Coffees and Potatoes in the oven. I am also hiding from this sudden down turn in weather. Time to dust off the coat and hat and really start enjoying the Auturm weather!