Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Wants!

Good evening ladies. 

January has been a tight month for every one. The Christmas hangover kicks in and like most ladies, I want to shop. But, as the pennies have been tight I have tried to resist the urge to spend, and instead I have earmarked things throughout the month for a later, less tight, day. 

I have been on the hunt for the perfect silver star necklace, and this one from Boticca could be it. Oh, and it's only £20, score!

OPI's Holland range. I don't believe this is available to buy yet, I think its due around February, but its so beautiful! The shimmers are my favourite, of course! I want almost all of them. They will be around £10.95 each.

Crispy M&M's. I have been after these for about a month, but the only place I know that sells them in Bristol is the cinema, which has also come under my no spending month. If any Bristol ladies knows where I can get them please let me know! 

Asos Cap Sleeve Skater Dress. Clothes rarely catch my eye but this really did. I love the shape of skater dress but I really dislike having my arms all out, so this could be perfect! £25.

The clock in my kitchen has given up, and I have been looking at ones to replace it. This is from the dotcom giftshop and it maybe perfect, until I find another one! £19.95

So what are you ladies lusting after? 


Monday, 30 January 2012

Soap & Glory Face Soap Review

Hello lovely ladies. 

Soap & Glory are a brand that is well recognised by bloggers, every one seems to have a favourite product or products. Soap & Glory's Face Soap & Clarity is one of mine. I have been using it for just over a month so I thought I would do a review as I feel I've had time give it a good go.

What does it look like?

As always with Soap and Glory the packaging is bright and has a vintage style. This is the same with every single S&G product, I find my self in boots picking things up that catch my eye just to have a look at the packaging. This isn't to everyone's taste and I see this being picked up on a lot but I personally really like it, it feels very girly. 

So what's in it? 

Its a 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin c facial wash with extracts of the superfruit plum. It also has an explanation that even though it is called Face Soap it actually contains no soap, its in fact a high tech, non-drying easy-rinse surfactants but they couldn't find a good pun for it. I was actually really pleased about as I find soap very drying, especially to my face. It also has little pink beads which help to exfoliate the skin.

So how do you use it?

They say - "Squeeze a grape sized measure of this onto slightly damp skin and rub until a soft lather forms all over. Rinse well (and follow with eye cream and moisturiser)". I personally would say that grape size would probably be a little bit to much. When I first got this product I squeezed it out with a little bit too much enthusiasm and found that I had far to much left over. One of the best things about this product is how far a little goes, I would say that you only really need about the size of two peas unless you are trying to take off make up. I did managed to get a good amount of the Double Wear foundation off with it! As for eye cream and moisturiser that is really your call!

Does it work?
I would say it actually does! You can almost feel it working under your fingers. My skin always feels a little brighter and really clean after using it. It also doesn't make any crazy claims on the bottle, it says to clean and brighten, which it does!

How would I rate this product?
I would probably give this product a 9/10, it looses a point as the smell is not amazing, it smells very clean but not quite as nice as some of there other products. It also looses a point as the price is a little bit expensive (I think, for my budget at any rate) for face wash, as it retails in boots for £7. Luckily Soap and Glory is more often than not on a 3 for 2 offer. So you could get 3 tubes for £14, or mix in a few different bits and give other things a go. I am actually going to do this in a few days as I am nearly out of this, sad times.

Have you ladies tried this one? What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?


Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Slow Week In Instagrams

Hello Ladies.  

It has been a slow week as with money being beyond tight I feel like I have done very little! January always drags on and on for me, as I always suffer the reality check that after Christmas brings. But here are the photos from this week!

The two OPIs from Lena White as blogged about here

Two & Three.
Little treats - A Jellybelly Lollibean from London & A little sugar mouse from Ali.

I have been playing a lot of Temple Run.

Kiki's Delivery Service & Ponyo from Lovefilm. I am looking forward to watching these tonight and crossing off another two from the collection.

Wishing I had a bath this week more than ever, I really miss warming up in a hot bath. I am also missing bath bombs, Lushs Sex Bomb was the first one I ever tried and I have a real soft spot for it.

Seven & Eight.
A couple of cheap treats from popping to town with Ali. A glass locket with loose beads and a bird from Claires for £2.50. I usually don't go for rings but this caught my eye in the Accessorize sale, sweeten with the sale price of £1.80.

Nine & Ten. 
Went to Mums today for some lunch, which also means a few hours of playing with Lady. She likes being held a lot and mews when you put her down. Sleepy time for Lady, she sleeps on her back with her paws folded in, which is beyond cute. 

Hope everyone has had a nice week, I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to January being over and done with for another year! 


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

OPI From Lena White

Hello ladies.

As I mentioned in this post a while back I ordered two bottles of OPI from Lena White, an online shop selling OPI which at the time was having a sale where you could get a full sized OPI for £5 instead of £10.50. Well this morning Mr Parcel Force made me very happy when he came holding my order. 

First thing I noticed was that it was very well packaged. I have ordered nail varnishes before that have been slung in a jiffy bag, but not with Lena White, it was inside a plastic bag, with a larger outer box with a smaller OPI box inside with bubble wrap on top. Needless to say, they have arrived in perfect condition. 

Oh, so, PRETTY! I love glittery nail varnish. It is my go to, no matter what colour. If it glitters, I want it. So OPI is just perfection for me, almost every shade is available in a glitter.

Lily I Love You
A beautiful pink with pieces of rainbow coloured shredded glitter. I have been after Lily I Love You for ages and it didn't disappoint! I was very impressed with this one as it went on a little easier than the hexagon glitters round in Rainbow Connection and others. It also didn't feel half as rough as the hexagon glitters. A winner all round! 

Servin' Up Sparkles.
I hadn't seen this one before, but it really caught my eye on the website. Pretty silver with rainbow coloured small & hexagon pieces of glitter. This is very pretty but took a fair few cotes to get a fully coverage, but once you get a fully coverage it really gives nice tones of silver and rainbow all in one. Again, very happy with this. 

So would I order from Lena White again? The simple answer is yes. They have a great selection of OPI's that are harder to find in other places, such as the full sized Pirates Of The Caribbean collection (seriously considering ordering a few). They also got the products out quickly even though they had but a disclaimer to say that the products might take a while due to demand. And I will defiantly be keeping an eye out for another sale.
Are you ladies fans of OPI? Had a redesign of the blog, what do you think?


Monday, 23 January 2012

London Calling! Photos And Haul

Hello ladies.

As I mentioned in my previous post Ali & I went to London this weekend. Although we were primarily there to see The Lion King at the theatre we did managed to squeeze in just a bit of shopping & sight seeing. Although I have been to London a fair few times in my life there is always something or somewhere new to see.

Saturday we stayed around Oxford Road and SoHo and did a fair amount of shopping. Sunday we went for breakfast in Spitalfields and a quick browse around the market. Lots of lovely places to take nice photos! 

Kingdom of sweets on Oxford Road. Finally found Tatty Devine after a good search. M&M world in Leicester Square. China town decorated for Chinese New Year. Hummingbird Bakery. Yummy looking food in Spitalfields. Proud goat statue. Yummy cake in Patisserie Valerie. Flowers in Spitalfield. 
Although I tried to be quite controlled with my money I did manage to pick up a few *cough cough* nice bits and pieces. 

Sweeties from the American sweet shops on Oxford Road. Swedish Fish are my favourite sweets of all time, and even though they were fairly expensive (£1.99 a packet.. eep) I couldn't resist. Watermelon Jelly Belly Lollibean - they are shaped like a bean!

After finally finding Tatty Devine in the tiny side streets of SoHo it seemed rude not to buy something! I have had my eye on this little anchor necklace for ages. I had also been sent a voucher for 20% off after my last Tatty Devine necklace chain turned up broken which the let me use in store, so it only came to £9.60. I love nautical themed jewellery! 

It's well known that I love Cath Kidston, and I couldn't resist this cute little tote bag in the sale! I also picked up a little hand mirror with Buckingham palace on for £2.

After going to M&M's world in New York we decided to pop to the London one to check it out. Although we were unimpressed with the selection of M&M's (In New York they have pretzel, peanut butter & coconut M&M's as well as chocolate and peanut) I did pick up a small bag of Union Jack mix. 

Lion King fridge magnet from the Theatre. It was a really good show, the costumes and the set are just amazing! 

More jewellery because I cannot help myself! I picked this up in Spitalfields market. It's a forget me not set in glass on a 925 silver setting. The lady was super lovely and threw in the chain for free. I love one of a kind pieces and it was only £14! 


Kyle & I have a tradition, when ever either of us go away we always bring the other one back some funny tat from where ever we have been. This time it was a London bus keyring. 
Lots of lovely treats for me! You ladies have any funny traditions? 


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another Week In Instagram's!

Evening Ladies!

Another week has come and gone so it's another week of Instagrams! 

One & Two.
Loving the Easter bits being out even though it is only January. I love Malteaster Bunnies, and I am loving the new multi packs of mini bunnies! 

Three & Four. 
I downloaded Temple Run for my phone and it's safe to say I am addicted! 

Five & Six.
Felt a bit poorly this week & Ali brought me Models Own Juicy Jules which I hadn't been able to find in any of the Boots I had been in. Its a pretty rainbow glitter and I am in love! 

Sage advice from a fortune cookie. 

Ali & I went to London for the weekend on Friday afternoon. Helpful little map on the train TV (I didn't know these are a thing!)

Whilst we were in London we stayed with Ali's dad who was dog sitting Buster, a Staffie with a love of attention! He liked to sit on you & wiggle as much as possible! 

After reading a lot of reviews on how amazing Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation was, I decided whilst I was in London I would get a colour match and give it a try. I WISH I hadn't. The girl did manage to match my colour perfectly (Very Light - I am about the palest you can be) it felt like CLAY. Literally like clay that was seeping in to every pore. Both Ali & I had this done and we had to go to Boots to buy make up wipes to take it off. It took around 4 wipes, and washing my face & then another make up wipe to get it off. Although it would be great for some one with a burn, scar or a tattoo they wanted to cover up, but how people can wear it daily I will never know! 

Eleven & Twelve.
Sweets from shops on Oxford Road. Jade & Kyle swirly lollies (The boyfriends name) and the amazing selection of pick & mix. 

Amazing HUGE lobster necklace in Tatty Devine. 

Fourteen & Fifteen.
The reason we went to London, to see The Lion King - the musical! It was amazing, the costumes and the sets are AMAZING. Waiting for the curtain to go up. Lots of big lights = boiling! Slush Puppy in the interval to cool down!

Sixteen & Seventeen.
We popped to the Hummingbird Bakery on Saturday and picked up some cupcakes to take away. I picked a vanilla one, it was amazing! Fluffy sponge and thick butter cream icing. Perfection! 
Hope you have all had a nice weekend!