Sunday, 8 January 2012

Another Week In Instagram's

Hello Ladies! 

It has been a long week this week, it felt like it went on forever and ever, which I guess is pretty normal for the first week in January. 

Sound advice on my Starburst, although I still think that they are called Opal Fruits, in the same way I think green packets of Walkers are cheese and onion, not salt and vinegar.

Packing away the Christmas decorations. This is always a blue day for me, I always hate when the festive period is over and we have to go back to normal life, which doesn't include excess mince pies and spending time with loved ones. 

Mini Carte D'or. Order this with the Sainsbury's shop, as I thought it was a full sized one! They also didn't have any caramel in stock, so they sent me chocolate. Although I wasn't impressed, I ate it any way! 

This weekend I went to Longleat Centre Parcs with my Mum and friends of the family. It has an amazing swimming pool, and of course the scenery is super beautiful! It was the perfect remedy to the January Blues. Ducks in the back garden of the chalet! Treats! The Centre Parc's sweet shop were I, of course, stopped. Some of the beautiful trees. 

Spent a couple of hours in the Spa on Saturday, A rather pleasant way to spend a Saturday. I brought a Centre Parc's puzzle for the friend of the family who had been cooking for us lot! She likes puzzles and I knew she would like it, but it sort of back fired a little as we we're all then forced to do it with her, luckily as we we're leaving that evening (we only stayed one night and the others are staying on until Monday) I didn't have to finish it, because I hate hate hate puzzles. 

As mentioned in the earlier post, my Mum has a new kitten! She is called Lady and a lovely playful young thing!

Living in Bristol, I get to see a lot of Banksy's work. This, is probably his master piece. 

So this week has felt like 5 different weeks smashed all in to one! Hope every one had a good week & isn't letting the hell month that is January get them down! 



  1. I'm glad it's not just me who calls them opal fruits! Worryingly none of my friends remember Walkers cheese and onion being green - it's odd that no other crisps changed though. xx

  2. I need to buy me some starburst just for those wrappers!

  3. I am such an instagram addict! I remember the opal fruit days! xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage


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