Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another Week In Instagram's!

Evening Ladies!

Another week has come and gone so it's another week of Instagrams! 

One & Two.
Loving the Easter bits being out even though it is only January. I love Malteaster Bunnies, and I am loving the new multi packs of mini bunnies! 

Three & Four. 
I downloaded Temple Run for my phone and it's safe to say I am addicted! 

Five & Six.
Felt a bit poorly this week & Ali brought me Models Own Juicy Jules which I hadn't been able to find in any of the Boots I had been in. Its a pretty rainbow glitter and I am in love! 

Sage advice from a fortune cookie. 

Ali & I went to London for the weekend on Friday afternoon. Helpful little map on the train TV (I didn't know these are a thing!)

Whilst we were in London we stayed with Ali's dad who was dog sitting Buster, a Staffie with a love of attention! He liked to sit on you & wiggle as much as possible! 

After reading a lot of reviews on how amazing Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation was, I decided whilst I was in London I would get a colour match and give it a try. I WISH I hadn't. The girl did manage to match my colour perfectly (Very Light - I am about the palest you can be) it felt like CLAY. Literally like clay that was seeping in to every pore. Both Ali & I had this done and we had to go to Boots to buy make up wipes to take it off. It took around 4 wipes, and washing my face & then another make up wipe to get it off. Although it would be great for some one with a burn, scar or a tattoo they wanted to cover up, but how people can wear it daily I will never know! 

Eleven & Twelve.
Sweets from shops on Oxford Road. Jade & Kyle swirly lollies (The boyfriends name) and the amazing selection of pick & mix. 

Amazing HUGE lobster necklace in Tatty Devine. 

Fourteen & Fifteen.
The reason we went to London, to see The Lion King - the musical! It was amazing, the costumes and the sets are AMAZING. Waiting for the curtain to go up. Lots of big lights = boiling! Slush Puppy in the interval to cool down!

Sixteen & Seventeen.
We popped to the Hummingbird Bakery on Saturday and picked up some cupcakes to take away. I picked a vanilla one, it was amazing! Fluffy sponge and thick butter cream icing. Perfection! 
Hope you have all had a nice weekend! 



  1. The Humming Bird Bakery = heaven! That sweet shop looks amazing! That Lobster necklace is gorgeous and I am addicted to those Malteaser bunnies. Great post lovely. x

  2. I love malteser bunnies! Cupcake looks amazing too, I'm hungry now! Great post x

  3. I promised myslf I wouldn't buy any easter chocolate so early, but if I see these bunnies, they are MINE!

    1. Haha when I first saw it I said the same, but it all looked to yummy!

  4. It's a shame about the make up, although don't rule it out completely. She could have just applied it badly.
    Last time I trusted a girl at the makeup counter I went home looking like a clown!

    And by the way, I'm totally jealous of your Temple Run score!



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