Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Full Sized OPI Nail Lacquer For £5!

Hello ladies.

I was browsing the internet earlier when I came across Lena White, an website that sells OPI. I noticed that they are having a sale and thought "Oh, okay I'm sure there will be nothing left". I was wrong. They have lots of full sized OPI's such as selected Muppets collection in the sale for £5 and a fair few mini collections such as the Nice Stems set for £5.50. Well it seemed rude not to, so what did I pick?

Lily I Love You.
I have wanted this for ages! It has been on my Amazon wish list for months as well as on my eBay watch list!

Servin' Up Sparkles.
I had never seen this one before, but it really caught my eye. Also, oooh glitter!

Postage is a tad expensive at £3.50, but I did manage to get two full sized OPI's with postage for £13.50! Not bad hey!

Have I tempted you lot?



  1. I've never tried OPI before. But this is tempting me!

    1. I like OPI because it's always interesting colours, it was too tempting for me!

  2. Replies
    1. Same! I so wasn't supposed to be spending money!

  3. Treated myself to 3 this evening :P

  4. Ok, you have certaintly convinced me. I think I may be swapping in money I don't have for some sparkly OPIs. Thanks for the link!

    Steph @



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