Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Graze Box Review

Afternoon Ladies.

I am a sucker for a freebie. Samples, free trials, you name it, if it's free, I will try it (more on this in a few weeks). So when I found out you could get one Graze Box for free, no strings attached, I was signed up faster than you could say "GIVE ME SOME FREE STUFF". 

Graze off healthy snacks by post, with massive amounts of interesting choices. I have seen them blogged about a fair few times, but never thought to sign up as I assumed it would be order 3, first 1 free deal, but as it's not, Huzzah!

It arrived this morning, so here we go. 

It comes in a medium size box (a little less than A4) which is fairly flat. The only problem with this that it wouldn't fit through a smaller letter box (ours is beyond tiny), so you would need to be in to collect the delivery. But, delivery for the Graze box is always free, and as a bonus, you can pick a day for it to be delivered. 

Sweet information from inside the box. This contains bits of information which if you have already order you will probably already know, but things such as if you do not like a product on the website you can opt to "bin" and they will never send it, or to "Send soon" if you like it a lot and want is as soon as possible (this option isn't available for all items, depending on whether they have it in stock or not).  We went through every option on every page to make sure that we got things we wanted, and wasn't stuck with a box of something that wouldn't get eaten. 

Inside the box. Neatly packed punnets of tasty looking snacks. We had opted for the sweet options after eating every variety of nut mixture at Christmas. So what exactly did we get?

Banoffee Pie.
Banana coins, fudge, almonds & pecans. 

Swallows & Amazons.
Mango, cherries, brazil nuts and jumbo raisins. 

Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack.
Rustic rolled oat flapjacks with apple and cinnamon.

Billionaire's Shortbread. 
Belgian milk chocolate, almonds, cranberries and fudge.

I was happy with the selection. Apart from the Flapjack (the boyfriends choice - oats are my only allergy) they were all things that I wanted to try and they looked tasty in the punnet. The real winner was the Billionaire's shortbread, beyond tasty with good quality chocolate. I also found a new favourite thing in the Swallows and Amazon's punnet, dried cherries! I have never had these before but they have a real sweet tangy taste. The Banoffee Pie was a little disappointing but still nice. The boyfriend said the flapjacks were moist and tasty. All round, very nice. Just one, tiny, problem. 

The size. In the postage box, they look deeply filled. They are not. There is a fair section of space underneath the punnets. They are all about 11 cms long and 1 and 1/2 cms deep. The weight of the product is also not listed on the website so I found it all a bit misleading. When you tip any of the boxes on the side you can see that there is a fair amount of air inside, so it isn't a packed out punnet either. 

For free, this is obviously fine. I never expect very much from a freebie. But after a quick look about that is the size of the paid for box, which comes in at £3.49 a go. For a single box it's not a terrible price but if you wanted one a week, a months supply comes in at £13.96, which for my budget is a little steep for 4 generous handfuls of snacks. 

Will I be signing up? The short answer is no. When I originally opened the box I did consider maybe keeping it on for one every two weeks as a treat. But as soon as I saw the actual size of the punnets I decided that, as tasty as they looked, it was an expense my empty looking purse could do without. I would consider ordering the occasional box, here and there. They also do them as birthday cards, where the box and a card is sent to any address still at the same price, which could be a nice idea. But on the whole, good idea Graze, but I just can't afford you!

 Well said.

Have you had a free Graze box? Or do you fancy one now? 



  1. These look so yummy! You can also get a free one in Company Magazine this one so I think I'll pick it up just for this! Great post:)

  2. ohh this looks lovely :)
    laur x


  3. I get these quite regularly. You should keep an eye on groupon, they often run promos £5 for 4 boxes. :)


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