Monday, 23 January 2012

London Calling! Photos And Haul

Hello ladies.

As I mentioned in my previous post Ali & I went to London this weekend. Although we were primarily there to see The Lion King at the theatre we did managed to squeeze in just a bit of shopping & sight seeing. Although I have been to London a fair few times in my life there is always something or somewhere new to see.

Saturday we stayed around Oxford Road and SoHo and did a fair amount of shopping. Sunday we went for breakfast in Spitalfields and a quick browse around the market. Lots of lovely places to take nice photos! 

Kingdom of sweets on Oxford Road. Finally found Tatty Devine after a good search. M&M world in Leicester Square. China town decorated for Chinese New Year. Hummingbird Bakery. Yummy looking food in Spitalfields. Proud goat statue. Yummy cake in Patisserie Valerie. Flowers in Spitalfield. 
Although I tried to be quite controlled with my money I did manage to pick up a few *cough cough* nice bits and pieces. 

Sweeties from the American sweet shops on Oxford Road. Swedish Fish are my favourite sweets of all time, and even though they were fairly expensive (£1.99 a packet.. eep) I couldn't resist. Watermelon Jelly Belly Lollibean - they are shaped like a bean!

After finally finding Tatty Devine in the tiny side streets of SoHo it seemed rude not to buy something! I have had my eye on this little anchor necklace for ages. I had also been sent a voucher for 20% off after my last Tatty Devine necklace chain turned up broken which the let me use in store, so it only came to £9.60. I love nautical themed jewellery! 

It's well known that I love Cath Kidston, and I couldn't resist this cute little tote bag in the sale! I also picked up a little hand mirror with Buckingham palace on for £2.

After going to M&M's world in New York we decided to pop to the London one to check it out. Although we were unimpressed with the selection of M&M's (In New York they have pretzel, peanut butter & coconut M&M's as well as chocolate and peanut) I did pick up a small bag of Union Jack mix. 

Lion King fridge magnet from the Theatre. It was a really good show, the costumes and the set are just amazing! 

More jewellery because I cannot help myself! I picked this up in Spitalfields market. It's a forget me not set in glass on a 925 silver setting. The lady was super lovely and threw in the chain for free. I love one of a kind pieces and it was only £14! 


Kyle & I have a tradition, when ever either of us go away we always bring the other one back some funny tat from where ever we have been. This time it was a London bus keyring. 
Lots of lovely treats for me! You ladies have any funny traditions? 



  1. aw looks like you had a great time, I love London, definitely need to go back this year :) x

    1. It's really amazing that it can be a different trip every time you go :)

  2. There's always lots of fun to be had in London!

    I've awarded you the Versatile blogger award! Check out my blog for info on what you need to do...

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I've not had the chance to spend the day in London for ages, only get to usually see it at briefly at night. Very jealous that you got to go to the Hummingbird Bakery! xx

    1. We found it by accident wandering about :) and thank you darling x

  4. "Lion King fridge magnet from the Theatre. It was a really good show, the costumes and the set are just amazing!"

    I have the keyring. It is an absolutely fantastic show, isn't it? I've seen it several times now and I still want to see it again. As cliched as it sounds, the hairs really do stand up on the back of your neck when Rafiki starts belting out "The Circle of Life" at the start.

    I do have one tradition whenever I go to London; I always have to go to Covent Garden. Unless I visit Covent Garden, it doesn't feel like I've been to London at all. I just love the atmosphere there, it's still as busy as the rest of the city but it's a friendly kind of busy. Not the kind of busy that would knock you flying without so much as a glance over the shoulder. And it's even better at Christmas. The December before last, my mum and I booked ourselves into London serviced apartments and had a weekend in Covent Garden. We didn't do much but it's still one of the best breaks I've ever had.


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