Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lush Review - Trichomania Solid Shampoo

Hello ladies. 

Yesterday Ali & I went shopping for, well, nothing particularly just for something to do! I wanted to go to Lush to check out the new fruity shampoos / shower gels they had, such as I Love Juicy. Although I usually love everything they do, I wasn't very impressed so I had a wander round the shop. As we are often in there a couple of the staff know us fairly well! One of the lovely ladies wanted to show us the solid shampoo's. I was a little dubious, but I am not really sure why. After a while of her trying to convince us to buy it, Ali asked her for a sample, which she agreed to. 

We both were given 50 gram samples of Trichomania, Lush's first solid shampoo. It has a very strong coconut smell, as coconut oil is great for hair. Appearance wise it looks like a rough edged bar of soap and whitish yellow. It cost's £5 per 100 grams, for which you would get a decent amount of shampoo.

To use, you need to lather it up as you would with soap, either on to your head or in to your hand, like so:

So, what did I think? Honestly, this product did not work for me at all for a number of factors. I found it incredibly slow to use, to get enough just to wash a small portion of my hair took a good 5 minutes of rubbing it really hard. Once I had got enough to wash just a tiny part of my hair, I wasn't impressed at all. My hair didn't feel clean, but really dry! I eventually gave up and started again with my normal hair care routine.

I think that it didn't work for me as I have very dry hair, years and year of dyeing and brushing it like I am trying to hurt some one have taken there toll. I normally use either Herbal Essences or Aussie, which are super conditioning, and Trichomania is a very very soft shampoo. I think this product could possibly work for boys or ladies with very short hair and therefore your hair would probably be in a decent condition. 

I am glad that I asked for a sample of this. I had been interested to know if this product would work for me, but it turned out it didn't! I have given this to my boyfriend as I think that he will be able to make use of it. I think that I will be asking for more samples from now on. I have brought many, many products that haven't quite lived up to the miracles that are promised on the bottles that eventually sit in the bathroom draws, unused, only to been thrown away once they get a bit gloopy.

Any Lush products you wouldn't recommend? A fan for making your mind up with a sample?


  1. Aww man, i love lush products, but i know what you mean about having bits and bobs sitting around the bathroom that end up unused.. :( I'd quite like to try this product though just because i am a fan of all things coconut!
    Cheers for the follow sweet, nice to see a fellow Bristol Blogger! xox

  2. Surprised you didn't like this! I love this shampoo, makes my curly hair more manageable, and I love the scent!


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