Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sales Shopping Part 2 - The Accidental Shopping

Hello! Today in an ever dwindling attempt at self control & trying to save some money, I went to town to try and find some swimming shorts, and that alone, for my break this weekend at Centre Parcs. After realising women are expected to get at least 90% naked, frustrated, I started shopping. Ooops.


Two very pretty Christmas tree decorations at 70% off making them £1.12 and £1.20 respectively. I love buying decorations in the sale as once you put them away for next year, when you open them back up they feel brand new.

Pretty pearly drop earrings and a tea cup necklace for £1 each. 

After purchasing the socks, I couldn't resist the little bunny purse for £3. 


The newly named "Lounge wear" (I am really hating that term, you mean posh pj's?) or as they are actually called PJ bottoms for £3 in the sale. They are harem style and super comfy.


After a quick pop in to Topshop it became clear that all that was left was the shunned sequin dresses that only ever seem like a good idea 15 minutes before the office Christmas only to be looked at the following morning with a sense of dread, knowing that all too soon, photos will be on Facebook. So after a quick leaf through the clothes, I found these snow man slipper socks for £1, and not one sequin any where on it. Much better. 

So even though I fell off the "don't spend money" wagon, I only actually spent £11.32, which is no where near as bad as it could of been, especially after being confronted with hundreds and hundreds of pairs of bikini bottoms, I have no idea why the shops do not appreciated that it has just been Christmas!


  1. The purse is very sweet!
    Love your blog, i'm now following.


  2. you got some really cute accessories! and haha I totally fell off the don't spend wagon with christmas and its sales!

  3. I have that bunny purse, it's so cute!

  4. The earrings are so cute. Cant believe they were so cheap! Great blog


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