Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Slow Week In Instagram's

Hello ladies. 

It has been a slow week. I haven't done much, but, as it's Sunday, here are the photo's from this week. 

Monday I popped to town with Ali. I got a free toffee nut muffin at my favourite coffee shop Azura with my Voucher Cloud app. I was pleased! 

Two & Three.
A couple of purchases, No7 Make Up wipes brought with the boots voucher (I always get these make up wipes because I think they are wonderful), a few nautical bits from Primark, a owl phone case and a few other bits. My free sample of Trichomania - review here.

Four, Five & Six.
I have been looking after Lady while my Mum has been at work. Licky tongue, Sleepy cat & Lady being entranced by the washing machine whirling around. 

On Friday I went to see War Horse with Kyle & Mum. It's a really lovely film and very heart warming. But more to the point, £7.70 a ticket? What! 

I was sent 10 free teabags in the post, only in England!

Nine & Ten.
Two silly purchases from M&S. An LED tea light owl reduced in the sale to £1 and  a 10p doughnut. 

My Asda online shop came yesterday, and all I can say was that I was very unimpressed. Not only did they not have 5 items I ordered, they gave us battered fruit as they had packed it in with boxes, oh and they were 10 minutes late. In fact the only thing they got right were the Mini Marti Mushrooms! 

So that has been it. I have some how lost the entire of the middle of the week!

Any one else missing a couple of days?!


  1. I hate supermarket deliveries! I do however approve of the sweets!

    1. Asda have been particularly bad but I agree. The sweets only part make up for it!

  2. Loving the look of that muffin :D Love all your pictures xx

  3. Replies
    1. I love the idea of it, it just didn't work for my hair :(


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