Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Very Festive Few Weeks In Instagram's

Happy New Year Ladies! What with last Sunday being Christmas (doesn't it feel like a distant memory now?) I have quiet an image heavy post for you this evening.

One, Two, Three, Four & Five.

The week before Christmas me and Ali met to exchange presents in town and do little bit of last minute shopping. Playmobil Santa outside a posh kids boutique. Ali maybe brought me far to many gifts! Hotel Chocolat penguins which were simply devine. Rasberry pig soap on a rope (amazing). And Disney Toy Story Vinylmations she brought me sent all the way from America, as Toy Story is clearly the best.

 Six and Seven.
Two slightly early Christmas presents. A spotty Kindle case from my dad. A Bristol Zoo Membership from Kyle's Grandparents.

Eight & Nine.
Packing up my jewels for Christmas away. Snacks on the train. 


Jabel, Kyle's cat, was happy for us to be back as the gets many cuddles!

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen.

Christmas eve! Cute tea light holder, Christmas cake with edible glitter, cake toppers & a light reindeer at the local pub.

Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen & Twenty.

Christmas day! Father Christmas brought me two OPI's because I had been extra good haha. Christmas bath with a Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. Me and Pusheen the cat, chilling. My Tatty Devine fox necklace. AMAZING surprise from Kyle, an Angry birds pig which had stolen a kinder egg! In love with my Emma Bridgewater cup!

 Twenty One, Twenty Two & Twenty Three. 

Boxing day for me is always about sleeping, how some people are able to get up and go shopping has always impressed me. Me sleeping in, Pusheen in on the action as well. When I finally did arise, eating all the wrong things was the order of the day. Jabel playing with a wind up caterpillar amused me for a good hour. 

Twenty Four. 

Travelling home from time away I always find exhausting, especially when there are hyper children on the train! Thank god for in ear head phones.

Twenty Five.

Growing my Sea Monkeys Ali brought me for Christmas. I thought they were duff as I had never had any before, but actually they are just incredibly tiny, so tiny I assume they were floating bits of dirt!

Twenty Six & Twenty Seven.

This week I have been playing a lot, probably to much, Mario 3D Land. 3D gaming is a lot of fun, if a little novelty. 

Twenty Eight, Twenty Nine, Thirty, Thirty One & Thirty Two.

New Years Eve. Last night got off to a bit of a rough start yesterday when I came downstairs to let people out for a smoke and discovered a letter from work, saying they were unable to offer me any more hours now the Christmas period was over & my p45 rammed in there for good measure. Although I was fully aware this was a possibility I felt it was a very cowardly way of letting me know. But on with the evening! Me tarted up for the merry making. Ali's mum sent her with many lovely treats. 12 midnight champers. And two photos of just some of the beers that were consumed!

Thirty Three, Thirty Four & Thirty Five.

Today we went for lunch at my mums. I wasn't feeling particually bad so I very much enjoyed the food offerings. Two Christmas presents I have just got round to getting from my mums house. Pretty Glasses - which is beyond useful as the above mentioned champagne was being served to people in mugs as most of our glasses broke when we moved (I did drop the box). She also brought me some Ikea candles that smell like Ikea food, the Cinnamon whirl one is to die for. And Happy January the 1st! Time for a new calendar, in the shape of Spongebob!

So that's it! 35 photos for 2 weeks is maybe a little unreasonable, but Christmas is always full of interesting things to snap away at. Hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve and I am betting that there are a few sore heads out there today.



  1. It's weird how christmas is so hyped up for weeks and then over in a flash. It always feels a bit of a come down. Looks like you had a good time though, Happy New Year. xXx

  2. Aw lovely pictures! Happy new year. xo

  3. Nice post - great selection of images :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. Fab post! Happy New Year to you! x

  5. such lovely gifts! especially the vinyl mations and chocolates :-) i am also a huge lush bath addict. happy new year x


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