Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Wants

Hello lovely ladies. 

As my imaginary "if I only had £500" shopping list is getting longer and longer, here are my Wednesday wants.

Hervana - Benefit Blusher - £23.50
A new swirled blusher from Benefit. Beautiful, beautiful bloody beautiful. I have been eyeing it up for around a week and missed it on Buyapowa which I was gutted about. If you have it and don't want it you could always give or even sell it to me ^^.

Garden Gnome Wallet - Loungefly via Beadsauurus - £24.99
I've had my Cath Kidston dotty wallet for around 2 years and I am starting to look at it and think "god you're boring!". I think this pretty little gnome wallet would brighten up the inside of bag. 

Cookie Monster Vandor Mug - Amazon U.S - $11.99
I first clapped eyes on my this in New York. When I went in to buy it it was the only one and they couldn't get it out of the window (or possibly didn't want to) and that was that. Until I saw it on Pinterest again! I am desperate to get my claws on this, so if any of you wonder ladies see it on a U.K website please let me know! I've found one on eBay that will cost with shipping around £22 which is possibility (IF I really can't find it any where else!).

Caravan Necklace - Etsy - £9.00
How cute is this little caravan necklace?! Really detailed and sweet, all the bits in the shops are really lovely and reasonably priced in a variety of nice shades. A little smitten I am!

Deborah Lippmann Get This Party Started - Set of three via House Of Fraser - £28.00
I was out today and I spotted this Deborah Lippman gift set, including Happy Birthday, Forget You & Candy Shop. They are full sized and cost the same as two for three. Yes they are stupidly expensive and I do have Rainbow connection which is very like Happy Birthday but this is sitting right at the top of wish list at the moment!

What are you ladies lusting after this week? 

(*ALL photos from corresponding websites)


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Oborocharms Super Cute E Shop Review

Hello lovelies. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one that LOVES little shops on the internet. Although I do love the high street for clothes and make up, a lot of the time I find myself turning to the internet to satisfy my love of the cute.

I first came across Oborocharms when my bestest Ali showed me the jewellery. Almost every single animal you could think in a cute miniature form as well as food and other cute versions of every day objects. Here are a few of my favourites from the jewellery section! 

Seeee? How cute! She also sells stationery & plushies as well as earrings and just the charm part of the necklaces. 

I had held off ordering for one reason and one reason alone. It's a U.S based shop. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that gets a little apprehensive about ordering over seas. I think it's the idea that the item has to go through not one but two postal services. But I was put my fear of the item getting lost and placed my self an order. So what did I buy?

My order came this morning, just a little over a week from when I ordered it, which considering it came all the way from California it's so bad. I'd also like to point out that she only charges $4 for postage and it cost $6.90 which is very reasonable. On to my actual purchase. 


Being an advocate of all things cute & useless, it's an Owl Baby Plush! This is fairly new to the shop, and as I follow her on Facebook when I first saw this I knew I had to own it! I own a lot of fairly useless things which are all cute, so this is a welcome addition!

He's only a little guy but worth it (to me at any rate!). 

So do you lovely ladies order things you just really want for no real reason? Also it's not a typo I am actually 22...


Monday, 27 February 2012

Save, Spend Or Splurge Moisturizer

Hello lovelies. 

Today I'm bringing you my save, spend or splurge on moisturizer (or body lotion or body butter or anything else that falls in to the general keeping skin nice category). I personally have quite a collection of moisturizer, ranging from cheap as chips to more of the "HOW MUCH?!". I never thought much of my skin, skin is skin right? But I've recently had a few compliments on it's softness so here are my top performers.


Yes that's right, one whole pound for 300ml of lotion. This really is a lovely product, for a great price. The consistency is thick and creamy with comes out nicely from the pump top. It has a lovely grapefruit smell but this range comes in a variety of smells, so if grapefruit isn't your thing, perhaps peach? Or coconut? For £1 you can't really go wrong. I've kept this by my bed to keep my hands soft before bed. It's not recommended for facial use but I have tried a little on my face I didn't have a problem but as always with skin it all depends of your personal skin type.


As you all have probably seen, I am a massive fan of S&G. This is a really lovely thick consistency, to the extent that you can squeeze it out upside down and it will make an upright line of body butter. It is scented with their body spray "mist your madly's" so the smell could be quite familiar for some of you lovelies. One of the best bits of this body butter is that you need very, very little of it. To get my hands feeling lovely and smooth I need about half the size of a 1p coin. This is in my "will repurchase" internal shopping list.  


Yep. An eye watering £19.50 for 50ml. I had no intention of ever buying this. That is, until I had a Benefit make over last year and had to have whatever was on my face. Firstly the smell, oh my god, it smells really fruity with tones of mango. It is also oil free, which is perfect for putting on before primer. It also contains SPF 15 which is always an added bonus for the very faired skin lady like myself (I once got sunburnt threw a window with the curtains closed!). It is fairly runny in consistency but it spreads around nicely. If you fancied trying the Benefit face care range they have recently started selling a set of the entire face care range in minis for £10 in places like Boots or House Of Fraser.

Although I love all three of these I am always open to more shopping, so if you ladies have a favourite let me know!


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another Week In Instagrams

Hello lovely ladies. 

It's Sunday & I have no idea where the week went! It's been a fairly quiet week for me. Here is my week in Instagrams.

The beautiful veggie breakfast from Halo on the Gloucester Road. I will & have travelled across town for this bad boy! 

Pretty duck necklace from the charity shop for £1. It's wooden necklace on a black string but I've replaced it with a silver chain. 

When I was in New York last year with Ali I told her that I wanted a Pink Victoria Secrets dog as a friend of ours had one years a go. They are a promotional item that you would get for buying so many pairs of knickers or a pair of their tracksuit bottoms. However this promotion wasn't at the time so that was the end of that. Or so I thought. We were in a Marie Cure on Gloucester road when I spotted a pink spotty dog and instantly knew it was going to come home with me! 

Been using Hand Food by Soap & Glory this week and loving it, I think I will be purchasing the full sized one of these once I run out of this little sample sized one. 

I know a lot of people hate Hershey's but I personally am a big fan. I found there in Sainsbury's so I treated myself to a pouch. They are just beautiful, I love the bar of Cookies & Creme but they are somehow better in Kisses form!

My oh so beautiful ring from Accessorize. 

Out of sheer boredum last night I decided to make a few fairy cakes to pass the time. They were yummy at least! 

After months and months of using my Cath Kidston bag I decided to have a look at what else I had to use. This is the most stupidly extravagant thing that I own, and if I do say so myself, one of the most beautiful! My Marc By Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal bag which was a gift from my boyfriend, my mum and I also paid for some of it, and even then I felt a little faint handing over all the money for it. Although I've had it for over a year I've only used it a handful of times, leaving it stored in it's dust bag hidden away for "special" occasions. But then I thought to myself "why?!" what's the point of owning something that I never use, so it's now been bumped up to "use". It's a lovely piece of arm candy! 

So that's been my week, hope everyone has had a good one!


Friday, 24 February 2012

Lovely Things Because I Have The Best Friend

Hello lovely ladies.

I'm sure it's pretty evident that I love to shop. I love to go to shops, look around and see what's what. I've never been a fan of ordering things online, it's just not the same, and I will only order online if it's the only way of getting it.

My love of shopping has had to under go a little bit of a purging as I am currently very, very broke. I am currently "between jobs" after my Christmas temp role came to an end. The money I have left is to cover my rent. This is obviously fine, it has to be done, but it can sometimes be a little grinding. 

My best friend, Ali (go say hello to her, she is lovely) is far far to generous and has been treating me to bits of loveliness. I told you, I have the best friend.

Soap & Glory Hand Food (Beautiful, smells of Marshmellow!) & Sprite Lip Smacker.

Beautiful three stone ring from Accessorize. This is a marvel as it fits my sausage fingers!

Mushroom studs from Claire's. We orginally went it to see if they had the Dinosaur Necklace that (among other things) is kicking up a fuss between Claire's & Tatty Devine. If you want to see what I mean you can see it here.

So as you can see, I have the best friend.

What lovely things do your friends do you? 


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday Wants

Hello ladies.

I love a spot of retail therapy, which is probably evident! Here are the bits that I have been having eyeing up recently. 

Little Sloth Necklace - Etsy - $38.00 / £24.73
I have a weakness for animal shaped jewellery and this little guy is really calling out to me! The entire shop is full of necklaces I would love to own!

My other weakness (OK I have a few shopping weaknesses!) is cute home wears. Alessi always have the cutest designs. This butter dish is something that has been on my amazon wishlist for as long as I can remember. The sail is a butter knife as well! I think this may get a sneaky order soon.

This dress was new in today at Topshop but I already think I may love this dress. I love vintage china and this dress looks like beautiful bits by Grandma has. On the website at the moment it's only available in Tall or Petite and even though I am only 5'2 I find Topshop dresses far far to short at the best of times (perhaps I am a bit more modest than is fashionable!). I do wish Topshops prices weren't so eye watering though! 

I fell in love with this after trying it out on my hand in Debenhams. It is a beautiful gold toned highlighter and it is such a pretty colour. As always with benefit the price is a little on the "If I buy this I will be eating nothing but toast for a month" side, and I do also have a good amount of Girl Meets Pearl left so even though I would love to just buy it I think I'm going to wait until I run out of that first. 

So that is everything that I am after right now, although looking at it it's a pretty expensive list! I have also joined pinterest (jjetley if you want to come say hello) so I am keeping all these lovely things bookmarked on there for when I am feeling slightly more flushed.

What are you ladies lusting after?


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pancake Day, My Way

Hello ladies.

As probably all of you are aware, today is pancake day. I am a big fan of pancakes. But I'm not talking about English pancakes, not those at all. I'm talking about fluffy, thick American pancakes. My boyfriend is American and since living together I don't think we've had English pancakes, always opting for the bigger, badder and in my opinion American style. So if your feeling a little fed up with English pancakes, here is my recipe for fluffy American pancakes.

What you will need

  •  Milk (130 grams)
  • Self Raising Flour* (135 grams)
  • 1 egg
  • Butter / Margarine (30 grams)
  • Bicarbonate of soda (half a tea spoon)
  • Salt (if you don't keep yours in a monkey any old salt will do) 
  • Caster Sugar (3 table spoons)  
* You can use plain flour, but self raising flour will make fluffier pancakes.

Anything you fancy putting on top of the pancakes! Nutella, Golden Syrup, Glitter Sugar, Peanut butter or whatever takes your fancy!

So on to the recipe!

Before you start preparing the ingredients, put your frying pan on a low heat, as you will need it to be red hot before you put any batter in it.

Weight out 135 grams of self raising flour in a medium sized bowl.

Add half a tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda.

Add half a teaspoon of salt.

Add three tablespoons of caster sugar and put that bowl to one side.

In a separate medium sized bowl weigh out 130 grams (or ml, they are the same) of milk (and try not to spill as much as I did!).

Add one medium to large egg to the milk.

Whisk the two together. If you don't have your very own squid whisk (& why not!) any old standard hand whisk will do.

In a separate bowl again (this does make a fair bit of washing up!) weigh out 30 grams of butter.

Melt the butter until its a liquid.

Pour the butter in to the bowl with the milk & egg.

Milk the butter in to the egg & milk.

Get the bowl with the flour, bicarbonate of soda, salt and sugar in and pour it in to the bowl with the egg, milk and butter in.

You can mix the batter by hand but if you have an electric whisk it is much easier to get it very smooth. Whisk until there are no lumps in the mixture.

Once whisked, it's time to cook! The batter will make around 10 smallish pancakes. You can make them as big or small as you like but I find smaller ones much easier to flip! A pancake is ready to flip when you can see lots of little bubbles appearing on the top.

Cook until golden brown. To make sure the middle is cooked press down with a spatula, if it's not cooked it will feel squishy, if it is cooked it will feel firm.

When they are ready, serve them up and put whatever you fancy on them! I have opted for golden syrup and a sprinkle of glitter sugar. 

So, have I tempted anyone to join me in American pancakes for pancake day?