Sunday, 19 February 2012

Another Week In Instagrams

Hello ladies. 

It's another Sunday so here's comes another week in Instagrams.

One & Two
Great finds this week. I've always admired this mug, and although I have alot (I mean alot) of mugs it was going to come home with me. I went in to a little corner shop to pick up a drink when I was out on Monday when I spotted a blue box next to the yellow box of M&M's, it looked empty but when I stuck my hand in there were two single packets of crispy M&M's which made me very, very happy.

I ordered pre made cookie dough with our Sainsburys shop this week purely to find out how it was. I made it in to duck shapes with my cookie cutter from John Lewis. Although they kept the shape ok it was pretty bad cookie mix, which wasn't all that surprising. Fun to try though. 

I won a valentines give away over on Sandra's blog Beauty Balm. It came so beautifully wrapped with a sweet little Valentines card inside! She also added some little sweeties and some rose tea which was really nice. I am loving the gifts and really enjoyed unwrapping everything, felt like my birthday! 

Five & Six.
For valentines we went to Bristol Zoo, which we are members of. Although we had a nice day neither of us really accounted for the fact that it was half term and a fairly nice day so it was extremely busy and extremely loud. I didn't take many photos with my phone as I always take my "proper" camera (Canon 1000D if any one was wondering) but I did snap a picture of the lion twin cubs cuddling (one boy one girl) which was so so so cute. Also snapped a picture of one of the gorillas having a lettuce lunch which a brave duck sneaking behind her. 

Seven & Eight. 
For Valentines my boyfriend brought me a Kermit build-a-bear which is also a puppet that made me giggle. Not being one for over the top romance my boyfriend always makes me funny animal cards, this year it was an armadillo. I know they're not exactly conventional cards and gifts but we've been together for a long time and we live together so it works for us, plus who doesn't want a Kermit?! Over the top romance has never been our style any way teehee.

Did my nails with Steady as she rose OPI and Adrenalin from Topshop. Really liking this combo it's really girly and glittery.

Ten & Eleven.
It wouldn't be Instagrams of the week without at least a few pictures of Lady. She doesn't like to sleep like a normal cat, but rather in shapes resembling Tetris pieces (yes she is fully asleep on my lap in the top photo!). Animals paws are always beyond cute. 

I've had this cup forever, literally. It was my baby cup and it now lives in my house. I never realised until I was washing it today that it's actually Emma Bridgewater! It's funny how things you like now can some times be things you've actually liked all your life! 

I've had the worst luck in the charity shops recently, weeks and weeks of nothing at all and I was starting to get a little dishearten with the whole process. Until this week! Picked up a green spotty wrap round cardigan from Monsoon for £2, a Snoopy Ship Ahoy dressing gown for £2, a Billabong jumper for £3 and a brand new Hobb's skirt for £6. Not a bad total spend of £13 when the skirt would of been between £59 to £79!

So that's been my week! What have you ladies done this week? 



  1. Love everything! Fab charity haul x

    1. teehee thank you, I am pretty chuffed (I also took your advice and ordered from Waitrose to get my crispy M&M fix :p)

  2. Hope you enjoy the goodies :)
    Your cat is v cute x

    1. I did they are all so lovely, I really love the Maybelline eye liner :) x

  3. THE ZOO! I love zoos, they make me incredibly excited. Unfortunately there's not one nearish me so I'm waiting for a trip to London with the boyfriend!

    The Kermit is awesome, mine's not super-romantic either (I bought HIM dinner for V-Day, haha!) so usually gets me cute but quirky stuff - I think I prefer it that way.

    I'm also very jealous of your charity shop finds - the ones near me are really awful, never anything good in them!


    1. The ones near me have been for ages but I think I was just lucky this time. When we last went to London we went to the zoo and I loved it there! I really missed having one near by when we lived in Manchester! x

  4. Kermit!!! Didn't know they had those at Build a Bear, awesome! Did you see the movie yet? So good! :)

    1. I haven't seen in yet but I possibly will do on Wednesday (Orange Wednesday is kind to my pocket!) but I've always loved Muppets movies, I was talking to my mum the other day and she said that every Christmas I used to watch the Muppets Christmas Carol all the time, and I said "used to? still do, it's tradition!" & I think they are new (Kermit & Miss Piggy) to promote the film, amazing though!

  5. Great post, we keep saying we have to check out charity shops, you got some great buys xx

    1. Aw thank you, I've been really lucky with them recently :) x

  6. Love the duck cookie cutter! Your dinosaur mug is so sweet.
    I awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog =) x


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