Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another Week In Instagrams

Hello lovely ladies. 

It's Sunday & I have no idea where the week went! It's been a fairly quiet week for me. Here is my week in Instagrams.

The beautiful veggie breakfast from Halo on the Gloucester Road. I will & have travelled across town for this bad boy! 

Pretty duck necklace from the charity shop for £1. It's wooden necklace on a black string but I've replaced it with a silver chain. 

When I was in New York last year with Ali I told her that I wanted a Pink Victoria Secrets dog as a friend of ours had one years a go. They are a promotional item that you would get for buying so many pairs of knickers or a pair of their tracksuit bottoms. However this promotion wasn't at the time so that was the end of that. Or so I thought. We were in a Marie Cure on Gloucester road when I spotted a pink spotty dog and instantly knew it was going to come home with me! 

Been using Hand Food by Soap & Glory this week and loving it, I think I will be purchasing the full sized one of these once I run out of this little sample sized one. 

I know a lot of people hate Hershey's but I personally am a big fan. I found there in Sainsbury's so I treated myself to a pouch. They are just beautiful, I love the bar of Cookies & Creme but they are somehow better in Kisses form!

My oh so beautiful ring from Accessorize. 

Out of sheer boredum last night I decided to make a few fairy cakes to pass the time. They were yummy at least! 

After months and months of using my Cath Kidston bag I decided to have a look at what else I had to use. This is the most stupidly extravagant thing that I own, and if I do say so myself, one of the most beautiful! My Marc By Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal bag which was a gift from my boyfriend, my mum and I also paid for some of it, and even then I felt a little faint handing over all the money for it. Although I've had it for over a year I've only used it a handful of times, leaving it stored in it's dust bag hidden away for "special" occasions. But then I thought to myself "why?!" what's the point of owning something that I never use, so it's now been bumped up to "use". It's a lovely piece of arm candy! 

So that's been my week, hope everyone has had a good one!



  1. Replies
    1. aw thank you, I think I have a little bit of a crush on my bag ;) x

  2. The marc Jacobs definitely needs to be shown. ;

  3. What a lovely post :) I love hand food too, sooo yummy. And the cupcakes look good too :) xxxx

    1. Aw thank you. I smelt my friends and had to get it! x

  4. Gosh that bag is absolutely gorgeous - just the style I drool over (drooling now in fact!).

    1. Aw thank you, I am still in love with it :)

  5. I really like Herseys too I don't think they are half as bad as some people make out! Loving the look of that English breakfast, I do miss a proper fry up here in the USA!

    1. I love all the American sweets and chocolates, I love Swedish fish but the only place that sells them charge £2 for a small packet :(

  6. I love the VS dogs! They're so cute :D Lovely pictures. Thanks for the post :)

    1. I am really glad I found one teehee :)

  7. Replies
    1. It is amazing lovely lady, if you ever find yourself on the G road you should deffo check it out x

  8. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag!


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